Logic Pro X or Ableton to work with Gig Performer

Hello guys,

I’ve decided to sell my Digitakt, I have always problems and head scratches to do simple things, I think it’s not for me (I wanted to use it mostly as a sequencer).
Since I’ve bought quite recently Gig Performer and that I quite like it, I figured out that I should go with a DAW as a sequencer (among other things).
My goal is to play live my compositions, with different effects, I want to incorporate looping also, and do midi stuff with my Rev2.
So here’s one question :
Is Logic Pro as good as Ableton (with Gig performer as host) to do this kind of stuff ?
My dream is to be able to do loops, to be able to change Vst without cliking stuff, and to send automatic midi message to my rev2 (and maybe the minilogue).
I’m french so my english is not so great, especially to speak about these things, and I’m quite new so… Thanks in advance.

I am using Ableton Live and with OSC I can remote control it from Gig Performer.
This combination is working perfect because the Session View in Ableton Live.

You can take a look at this:

Sync Ableton Live with Gig Performer

Also check out this blog article for how to record Gig Performer into your DAW, which ever one you decide to get.


If it’s for mainly live playing then Ableton wins over Logic (clues in the title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - it has vastly more control over being able to change things on the fly than logic does.

As pianopaul says, it is easy to control Live via MIDI or OSC (which requires Max for Live I believe?) and many of us do it regularly. The two are a great match!

So great ! Thanks for the both of you ! I’ll stick with Logic for composition, and Ableton for Live then :slight_smile:
Now I must find how to link midi message to my rev2 via USB (threw ableton)… So many things to learn !!!

To send Midi Messages from Ableton to a Midi Device (and Rev2 appears as a Midi Device in Ableton Live) is very easy.
Just create a Midi Track and set the output to your Rev2 and choose a Midi Channel.
Then create a Midi Clip and go to the Control View of a clip and you can create CC messages etc in that clip.
In the clip properties you can set a PC message, so when the clip starts this PC message is sent.

Thank you Paul, I succeeded in creating midi clips, record sequences from my rev2, but when I use your Select_Scene_GP in Ableton, the midi clips don’t make a sound anymore.

I think I got it, the Select_Scene_GP cannot play sounds on it’s own, it’s just a hub for the real midi clips you’ve created before isn’t it ?
Now I have another question ! How can it play automaticaly when I change the scene ?
And also… Can you launch several midi tracks (from the same synth) ? To make nice melodies with several voices.

Hi Dextrose. please load the M4L Device in a different MIDI Track.

With this code change in scripting you can start the scene which is selected:

on Activate

 OSC_SetAddress(mOSCP, "/SelectScene")
 OSC_AppendIntArg(mOSCP, 0)
 OSC_SendSpecific(mOSCP, "", 8000)
 // Scene started
 OSC_SetAddress(mOSC, "/LaunchScene")
 OSC_SendSpecific(mOSC, "", 8000)
 OSC_SetAddress(mOSCP, "/SetSongName")
 OSC_AppendStringArg(mOSCP, GetRackspaceName())
 OSC_SendSpecific(mOSCP, "", 8000)

This is very easy, take a look at the attached screenshot.
3 Midi Tracks, in the 1st Midi Track the Plugin is loaded and the Midi Clip Plays the plugin.
Midi Track 2 and Midi Track 3 each contains a Clip, the Midi Outs of this tracks are routed to the 1st Midi Track.

Thank you very much for all this help !
This is a bit tough right now but I now that with time I’ll be able to navigate between GP, Live, Logic, Analog Synthesis, Odd time signature, acoustic piano, relation to the audience, stability of everything… lol
How did you learn to make these scripts ?

I am a nerd :wink:
…and take care of the sun.


A big thanks for your help :)))