Sync Ableton Live with Gig Performer

Select_Start_Scene_Ableton.gig (7.3 KB)
Select_Scene_GP.amxd (17.1 KB)

I am using Gig Performer and Ableton Live.
OSC must be enabled in Gig Performer.

To synch both I created a M4L Patch and a small script.
When a rackspace is activated the corresponding Ableton Live scene is selected.
When the global play is activated the current selected scene is started.
When the global play is deactivated the play in Ableton Live is stopped.

Link must be enabled in Ableton Live and Gig Performer for the global play working fine.
Just load the attached Max Instrument Select_Scene_GP into a Midi Track.

In the GP script the IP-Address is used (Gig Performer and Ableton Live run on the same machine).
You could change this IP-Address so it would be possible that Gig Performer and Ableton Live run on different machines in the same network.

Have fun!


Nice! Thanks for this - I’m just getting in to M4L and OSC comms with GP was on the list of things to check out so good to have an example of how a patch/gig file might be set up to do this.

Can’t load this into ableton lite ?,

For metronome 6/8, il have to wait till update , But incorporating ableton is intriguing , unfortunately it’s not as efficient as Gp with vsts , a fellow who has suite says lite and suite are just as bad handing instances of Omnisphere which probably means the code is the same

For backingtracks ableton is perfect, not for hosting plugins.