Limiter Plug-in?

I have been using meters to try to keep levels in check. I think it is working okay, but, I am wondering if I need a limiter plug in.

Do most people use a limiter to ensure that output sent out does not clip? If so, do most people put it in the global rackspace and run all rackspaces through it?

If so, any thoughts on this as an option?


I use EMO-D5 from Waves, as it is very low on CPU and 0 ms latency.

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Do you know if it requires a dongle?

Waves does not use a Dongle.
My license is registered to my machine.

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I think I’ll pass on Waves. I don’t like that (as I read it), unless you purchase some other type of upgrade plan, I cannot install the plug in on a 2nd laptop.

I use a limiter in my global rack space that everything runs through, in fact I have a suite of “master” type effects I use in the global rackspace and use linked widgets to tweak their values (i.e. more/less stereo width, 3 band EQ, reverb etc) for each song rackspace I have in my gig file.

Currently I am using Unfiltered Audio Byome (a configurable multi-effect) from Plugin Alliance for this job.

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IMHO, a limiter is VERY recommended.*

latency IS an issue to watch, when dealing with limiters for realtime playing !
The Bx_limiter was my go to, but it has some latency.
I switched over to TDR Limiter 6 GE. Which was recommended here in the forum.
This has a “no Latency setting”.
Its on sale right now.

  • to notes:
    there exist a few plugins that - under certain circumstances - kind of, can “explode”.
    I had it happen in several hosts, incl. in GP too.
    Its really like an explosion !!! in one forum, it happened to another guy, he suffered then afterwards,… at least for a longer time.
    It happened to me, when my headphones/speakers were not set loud.
    Happened to me several times, found out why and was able to avoid it since.

ALLWAYS use a limiter at the end of the audio chain i´d say.


+1 for TDR Limiter 6 GE

I have it on my global rackspace for all my sound.

For me its $50!

In that case try this free plugin (donations are accepted):

Yep, that should work perfect for my purposes. Thx!

I don’t quite understand how loud max can work with GP…according to their page they are using look ahead, which is fine in a DAW when you have tracked with prerecorded stuff but when you’re playing in real time, there is nothing to look ahead at.
What am I missing?

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Yes, anyone try this in GP (or other live host)?

I suppose even within a DAW it could be applied to a track in real time (while recording, etc.). Anyone have any experience with that?

A standard Channel Strip like the AMEK 9099 (currently on sale for 39$) provides an EQ and Compressor and Limiter in one plugin.

Are there any special needs or requirements to use a dedicated Limiter and not a Channel Strip???

since you pinged me:
I never used a channel strip, i don´t know where in the chain you would use it.
probably bevore the final Reverb i would guess ?
personally, i made it a habit to have a Limiter as the final plugin !
nothing behind it !..Limiter => Audio out.

behaving otherwise, holds also the risiko to forget to have that limiter in place.
i´d recommend to have that end of chain limiter anyway !
the TDR is 30$ right now.

for me, it has nothing to do, with preventing the patch from creating unwanted distortion.
For that i use a comp within the patch.
The end of chain Limiter is your savetynet when the worstcase scenario happens ( a plugin fails, and quits with a type of “sound explosion” / as sayed: it happened to me several times /…even afterwards i forgot sometimes to add that limiter / it has cost me some concetration to MAKE it a habit. )

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Just speaking for myself with my musician’s hat on…

Looking at the two plugins in question, I must admit I find the one on the left quite a bit less intimidating.

Also, at least for me, when it comes to EQ, I’d much rather use something like EQuilibrium where I can have multiple bands and with the analyser I can see the effect it’s having without having to use a separate spectrum analyser plugin.

Clearly this kind of thing is a matter of taste and the good news is that there are enough choices out there that people can have whatever works best for them.

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yup, me too.
i found the Amek 9099 tempting for 30$, but decided to keep that money.
I use the Fabfilter pro-Q.
Visually, similar as yours.
its just so much more inspiring to set the EQ frequency ! and overall way quicker to handle than any console style EQ.

thanks for the feedback…sound like there are no special requirements or needs for the limiter / safety-net before the audio-out - more a personal choice.

related to the recommended EQ:
Fabfilter Q and EQuilibrium are both nice but so far i have not seen a good deal. :unamused:

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My two cents worth - I have a number of different equalizers and limiters in various products I own, but I wind up using many of the Melda products in most circumstances. I really like them, I’m sure part of the reason now is that I have used them enough that I understand the way that their plugins work which is consistent across their product range.

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