Launchpad MK2 as a keyboard controller to trigger key switches?

Is there an easy way to use GP to remap a Launchpad MK2 to send MIDI Note On/Off messages in very low keyboard registers (A0 and up aka MIDI 21 and up) which will trigger Plugin Key switches in real time to play different sounds during live performances. I know newer launchpads can be customized but I only have MK2s.

Use case example: Session Horns (Kontakt) plays horn ensemble phrases that can be changed by pressing a specific lower keyboard note for each horn phrase. I intend to play the upper keys to set the phrase key signature using a 25 note keyboard MIDI controller, and hope to use the LaunchPad to trigger the Note On message to select the Horn Phrase as I would with a piano or computer keyboard.

Has anyone used Gig Performer to remap a launchpad MK2? Or tried the open source option covered in this YouTube video?

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I linked there this: Remap MIDI messages without using the MIDI Filter plugin

And this: [Gig] NotesConverter for MIDI pads


Nemanja, thanks for the quick response on FB and keeping that post synced with this community. Lots of ways to tackle this, Very helpful links. If anything new and interesting pops up about this topic in posts I made in other forums/groups (eg ableton and novation user groups) - I’ll be sure to post the update here, although I think this community seems to be more informed, engaged and helpful - especially when it comes to GP topics.