[Gig] NotesConverter for MIDI pads

It is a simple idea which consists in a set of identical convertion cells. In each cell you can grab a note from any MIDI controller and swap it to another note. For each cell you can also modify the output channel. So when using MIDI constrainers at the output of the Scriptlet, you can use MIDI channels to select a particular plugin instrument.

It is very convenient for playing drums with pads, but if your pad sends only percussive short notes, like with drum pads or smartphone/tablets onscreen pads, you can also lengthen the MIDI note by adjusting the top right knob.

In each convertion cell, the grab and swap notes can be selected with a knob, and the notes are displayed both in clear text and as a MIDI note number. But, there are also learn LED buttons, such that you can also learn the grab notes by playing on MIDI pads and use a MIDI keyboard controller to select the drum sound (or any other sound) you want to play.

There are a few function buttons implemented:

  • activity display: enable or disable a flashing cell effect when a played grab note is trigger a cell.
  • learn all grab: makes it possible to learn all grab notes one after the other (play all of the MIDI pads one after the others and you controller is configured)
  • learn all swap: does the same with the swaps notes if you know them
  • play grab to learn: makes it possible to play on the MIDI keyboard controller until you find the right sound, that you hit a pad, play the sound again and it is assigned to the pad.
  • stop learn: stop any learning phase
  • reset all: set the cells to the default value (each cell can individually be reset by activating both the grab and swap learning LED button at the same time)

There is no rackspace script, everything is done inside the Scriptlet plugin, and rackspace widget are simply connected to the plugin parameters, such that, once you configured the scriptlet with the rackspace front view you can remove its rackpanel and it still does the job.

Download: NotesConverter_Scriptlet_v1.2.gig (2.3 MB)

Credits: @David-san

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