Kontakt hanging Gig Performer whilst scanning for Kontakt sample content

Hi, I’ve copied a GP gig to my backup machine and it won’t load my Kontakt samples (which are’nt factory content) .
I get an error message (see below) and when the GP file is loaded, I try to point Kontakt to where the samples are, and whilst scanning the folder with my samples, GP freezes.
I loaded each Kontakt instance and the samples into a blank file and it’s all fine. Problem only occurs when I try to load my show file.
Any ideas ?

Start Kontakt standalone and open your Kontakt instrument.

Any particlular instrument?
I assume One that’s used in my GP file?

Correct, load the samples and save as instrument,
Then start gig performer and disable Kontakt in plugin manager.
Load your gig, enable Kontakt in plugin manager
Load Kontakt and Open the Kontakt Instrument.

Or do I have to load all the show instances into stand alon Kontakt and re-save them?

Does that mean that I have to open the stand alone version of Kontakt and load the 31 instances of Kontakt that I have in my Gig file, and re-save them. Then re-insert Kontakt, 32 times in my show file and load the samples?
And I have to do this every time I load a show onto another computer?

How did you save your Kontakt Instruments?
With Samples as a monolith instrument?

Kontakt samples folder with the instruments.

Ypu have to make sure, that the samples on you destination machine can be found the same way as on the source machine.
Best you copy the used samples from you source to your destination into the same directory structure.

They are. Obviously they’re on a different drive.
Mainstage found them in one scan.

And GP really crashed?

About 10 times. Every time

At the top of the post you wrote GP was freezing.
Is it freezing or crashing?

Unresponsive. Sorry - Spinning wheel. Force Quit apps says “unresponsive” and I have to force quit

So no crash, but GP does not react anymore - that is a different issue.
What version of Kontakt are you using and which format?

In the past I did sometimes move gigs to another computer.
I always copied the Kontakt Instruments including the samples from the source to the destination and then there was no issue.

AU- Kontakt 6.7.0(RO)

All the samples and instruments are in one folder - “Kontakt show files”
GP asks for the folder, scans, and freezes on some samples that are in the “Kontakt show files” folder

Are they working on your main machine?

Yes. Working fine. No issues

Then it is clearly not a Gig Performer issue and it’s probably Kontakt that is causing the freeze.