Keyboarders vs. Pianoteq: which Grand does everybody own?

Hello dear GP Friends,

in short:
it is about to see whats the best Pianoteq Grand model i should use, when doing some gig files to be posted here, using GP - Grand Piano. Gigs, meant to be “tested/demoed” by you".
so far, i decided to take the Steinway D. is this a good idea ?

so, please, just vote for which PT Grand i should use / which is the most common one ?
( i prefer one with enhanced keyrange, frankly)

i´d like to create some “patches” to promote my “single Note” “midi-editor” feature request.
I thought, best is to create some patches, and post gig files, so you can play and check yourself.
There is also other things i have in mind, i just should create some Gig files to show you, and to be added to the tipps section.

some racks get busy, i need to decide upfront on my PT Grand model :wink:

You cannot vote for the best Pianoteq Model
it depends what kind of instruments are also playing.
When a rock band plays you need a different piano as when you play “Für Elise”


Very true. The piano that works for classical music may not work for jazz or in a rock band context. I favor the sound of a Yamaha grand (or Steinway) in a straight-ahead jazz context so that’s the standard I use when looking at a VST.

Currently, I use the Native Instruments Grandeur but I am not completely happy with it. Before I switched to VSTs I liked using the Motif S-700 sample. None of the other NI pianos I like but I have not tried Noire.

I am very curious if anyone has tried out the Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand.

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I use pianoteq but have brightened the sound a little for my own taste. I also use an EQ to roll off the bottom when in a band situation so as to avoid stepping on the bass


I agree with @dhj

I too use Pianoteq (v6, I think). For my needs, I use the Steinway D and eq it to the same way David does, plus I boost the mids just a smidge to help keep up with the guitar.


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I use Pianoteq’s Yamaha for its brightness when the band sounds dense and Pianoteq’s Bechstein when I’m more exposed and need to sound rounder.


I play in a pop/rock cover band and have using Pianoteq v7 with great satisfaction. My favourite preset is the New York Steinway D piano. Like David has mentioned above, I tweek it a bit by brightening the sound. Very happy with this product.


As a matter of personal taste, I don’t like Pianoteq.

I prefer 4Front TruePianos

It’s a nice blend of some modelling with multisamples, having a little CPU and RAM/SSD footprint.
Not much activity there since years, sadly.
Blended with some hammer on/off, pedal noise samples and some scripted sympathetic resonance samples from the grands in the NI K6 factory library while muting the regular note samples there, gives me a perfect Grand.


ok, i see.
Looks to me, like everybody has misunderstood my above sentence. :laughing:
The question was: “the best —> “I” should use” vs. ----> which pianoteq model i should use in a demo gig. (look my quote :wink: )
Ok, i will use the Steinway model D. sounds good to me, and has an enhanced keyrange.
EQ ? great reminder ! ok, i´ll add an EQ when i come up with something to post

Nonetheless, ofcourse is an answer in “your understanding of this thread” welcome too. :wink:
Personally i ever and ever come back to the common K2 model, which was back then -iirc- the common “free, unchosable” one. Kind of the “cheap” one. (PT 5)
I altered my one a bit. Mostly in the lower keys in a diatocic ( and pentatonic) thinking sheme. So, i have models created per the “key” i´m dealing within.

playing ONLY alone at home, i do exactly the contrary of what you folks do:
i altered the Bass quite a bit. i made the lowest keys full and loud ! Love it :wink:
In my few preliminary tests was the K2 model just the best one to deal with “on that”.

I see TruePianos is currently at 50% off. Is it still being actively developed? The website is looking rather dated and most online reviews seem to be from at least 8 years ago.

The latest file date I have is 1 Dec 2017. The installer is at v1.95 and the Atlantis piano is at v1.92. Diamond, Amber and Sapphire are still at v1.40. Atlantis was supposed to be the v2 preview, but given the complete lack of progress, I’d have to call TruePianos abandonware.


I use NY Steinway and Bechstein, Pianoteq v7.5. The feel and response are superior to any of the sampled pianos In my opinion.

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thats also my opinion. It feels “vivid”.
and in fact, at some point in time i begun to hear when sampled Piano librarys were used in Film and commercials. Some 1-2 sampled ones might sound better from what i read, but i guess they´d same level vs. vividness vs. the Grands i heard in films

sounds intriguing

“you” need to invest some further work to get there.
its not just out of the box. ( as described by yourself).
easily overlooked within your post…(at least, it nearly happened to me )

This is the real strength of a conviction, to be certain of something even if it cannot be verified in a really hexaustive way. If you think about it, you could even say, superior and more realistic than all acoustic pianos. :wink: :innocent:

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To be fair, he did say it was his opinion

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You are right, not a conviction, a strong opinion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have Pianoteq v7.5.4, I use YC5 for live and in rehearsal. At home I mostly use Bechstein.

Before I bought Pianoteq, I used NI The Giant live and at home Ravenscroft 275. Today I use Ravenscroft only on my Ipad.

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Sad but true.

Would have been the same with Pianoteq, I found out during testing the demos.

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Well, for me none :smirk:

Never mind …
I was reading your first post too fast … and debates on “the best” VST Grand can be endless because it’s much about personal taste and use.