Key Largo not recognized and gp4 to gp5 issue

Have a Microsoft surface with 8 core 2.5ghz processor, 64gb ram and 1tb nvme…windows 11. Using gp4x it was running fine - the rack is not really taxed as I am just really getting going on this… so i got GP5, opened my existing gigperformer file and saved it under a different name so as to keep the files separate. First thing i noticed is one of my racks had 2 variations using 2 of the same VST (opx pro3) with different sounds. One of the variations - the sound that was supposed to be loaded was blank. Not that big of a deal i just reloaded the patch and went about my business…saved the rack as the new GP5 and relaunched it - did not change any hardware config - GP said it could not find my XMOS driver (for key largo). Nothing i could do. Rebooted surface, power cycled key largo…no change…GP would not have it. I had to shut it down and use local sounds for the rest of rehearsal - but my confidence in this new version is a little weak right now. I wont be able to fire it up again until saturday…

This is a known problem with this VST, which will hopefully be definitely fixed for everybody in next update of the VST:

GP5 is even more solid than GP4, so don’t worry too much, there is probably an explanation to this issue.

I don’t know much about this XMOS driver, was it detected bu an other DAW or by GP4? I mean when it stopped to be detected by GP5?

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Just for the record, nothing changed between GP4 and GP5 as far as interacting with audio is concerned, we continue to use the APIs that the operating system and related drivers provide.

Also, I don’t know anything about Key Largo but (and I recognize it is anecdotal) but I have seen lots of people report issues with that device with various DAWs, not just GP. If GP can’t find the driver, then it’s not probably not registering itself correctly because, per above, we just use the OS APIs. Have you reached out to Key Largo developers?

Well I will give this a spin tomorrow after tonights gig…one option I am also looking at doing, strictly from a “backup” plan is to also install the driver for a Behringer UMC404 that I have with me…

i appreciate the responses- and the comment abotu nothing changiong in GP4 vs 5but that still doesn’t settle me in the fact that I used GP4 for several months without one issue like this, and the first time I run GP5 I run into this problem…hoping the timing is purely coincidental. Also, I’ll put OPx Pro 2 in as well and see if my problems are solvedf. I like the OPx3 but reliability is way more important than neat interfaces :slight_smile:
Man thanks for the responses…not really used to having people ACTUALLY help out - used to being out alone trying to figure it out myself!!

I don’t know driver permissions work on Windows vs Mac but maybe something is blocking access to the driver from an app that hasn’t been seen before. Have you reached out to Key Largo?

Well, that is why we are a community😀

I think you’ve misunderstood me. OP-X Pro 3 is a tiny bit more stable than OP-X Pro 2, but neither of them is immune to the patch recall issue, only the upcoming version of OP-X Pro 3 will be. But your OP-X patch recall issues are not due to GP5.

so removing the old plugin and installing the new opx3 version 1.04 (which, according to their site is only a beta but who cares at this points) - the patches switch without failure so far…only been testing it for a few hours. I did get the XMOS driver to launch again - but it is not happy with ASIO4ALL - i have a barn burner surface pro and can’t get any lower than about 16ms latency…not a chance that works…so using the Windows drivers, I actually get down to 6ms - but thru the montage and the steinberg driver I get 1.5ms. Next step is going ot be to install the UMC404 drivers from my “spare” and see how fast that is as well…if so, the the key largo becomes just a base mixer then… Thanks all for the help…more updates to come - i don’t think I’m the only one exhibiting this issue…

If you can have a look here, we have other things to test regarding this plugin… :grimacing:

So I took out 1.03, and put in 1.04 the other day, and the patches loaded fine. I loaded from sc4ratch the gig file, and chnaged back and forth, and things were fine - the only “issue” i had was with the korg wavestation part of a single variation - when i would switch to the other variation, the note would hold over and not release…(but this was not OPx). It seems like OPx is running fine at this time…even though 1.04 is still considered beta…

Please regarding the OP-X Pro 3 issue, answer in the dedicated topic. :wink: