Journey - Separate Ways (by narfsounds)


For my taste a little to long release
And the 2nd part should be more brassy and shorter in decay.

Yes you are right. But you can use the sound live in any rock cover band, no one in the audience will notice. In addition - in my opinion - the Aturia sounds are not optimal either, so you can perhaps tweak it a little yourself or replace it with other VSTs.

There is a lot of contention with how Separate Ways is made, similar to classics like Jump by Van Halen or anything by Pink Floyd (man, Pink Floyd fans are super hard to please and I’m always reluctant to replicate those). In the V Collection, there are at least two versions of this, and this patch exists as a factory preset on pretty much every keyboard I own. None of them sound the same, and many are wildly different. I’ve also watched sound demos for other packs and even a dedicated Arturia Jup-8 programming tutorial for Separate Ways, and all the interpretations vary, with one shifting to a completely different brass patch during the verse.

When I program these sounds, I play the original recording alongside the platform I edit on, whether through iTunes or YouTube, much like a portrait artist would have a live model or a reference photo on hand while painting. The best scenario is when I can get hold of isolated keyboard stems from the original recording, allowing me to hear the keyboard track independently of the other instruments.

For my live comparison with the playback, the intro and verse sounds are as they should be. The verse differs from the intro as the filter EG attack increases. In the chorus, it sounds more like a brass sound, which could be a different patch altogether or possibly the effect of the guitars being the dominant sound, drowning out the synth’s high frequencies leaving our ears to process a more brassy sound. I found an AI-separated keyboard track, but many frequencies were lost in the separation, giving an inaccurate playback of the keys track.

In this rackspace, the widgets include a filter cutoff knob and ENV-1 ADSR which is assigned to the filter of the Jup-8, allowing users to adjust to taste as well as adapt the sound in a stage environment, which can also affect the sound’s perceived output.

Your feedback helps me refine these sounds further. Thanks for the discussion and suggestions!


Thank you for the explanation. I can well imagine the different views on sounds. In any case, I’m looking forward to the sound pack, even if I don’t use all the sounds. It would be nice - despite your concerns - to have a sound for “Comfortably numb”. I had a wonderful sound with effects for the Kronos. I’m not completely satisfied with my new sound (GigPerformer with VSTs).

What sound?
The strings melody in the refrain or the pitch bended sound at the beginning or the pad sound or the bells?
Or the horns ?

Exactly, all in one rackspace on 61 keys, that’s possible. A sample for the choir “Ah Ah Ah” in the 2nd verse would be nice. :wink: As I said, I have a sound like that, but had a better one on the Kronos (by Dave Champage from Audora).

Instead oh the choir sample I would prefer a real choir :wink:

Our female singers left us when we were no longer attractive enough. :scream: :rofl:


You should have sampled them. :smile:


You are right. But unfortunately, the hint comes twenty years too late. :sob:

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Or the salary you paid was not enough

Take look here

Yes, this is my best source, I have a subscription to the German site.

Some of them are very good, but also the opposite.

I mainly use them to practice or provide excerpts to bandmates when we make new songs. Very rarely do I create a sample.

Funny how the Mandela effect comes into play when you try to build a cover from how you remember the song. I often have to playback songs to prove to band members “that ain’t the way it goes”.

Now, how to you get your hands on original stem files?

Sometimes you can find isolated tracks in YouTube: