Jbridged 32 bits plugins on V 3.6

Perhaps you could provide more information starting perhaps with the names of the actual plugins that are not being validated.

Also, what does this issue have to do with jBridge and 32-bit plugins?

What plugins? Can we see a screen shot? How do you know they are 64-bit?

I do my best to get a screen shot. I know they are 64 bit because i downloaded them as 64 bit vsts.
One of the vsts is called TriloGee, based on the !980’s synt Crumar Trilogy.

Sorry for the bad quality but its the best i can do.

Sorry, I wanted to see the screen shot of the Gig Performer plugin manager.

What are the other plugins that didn’t get loaded?

Can you post the link you used to download these?

The most i get from vst4free.

I’ll send a picture of the plug in manager asap, the plugin manager just goes thru all the plugins in my pc.

Can you make screenshots?
The uploaded photos are not very sharp.

No sorry, this is the best i could do.

Maybe that helps

Yes, normally it would but i am pressing all sorts of buttons, like print screen, and nothing happens.

If your are on Windows push the print screen button and paste directly in the text when you write a post.

I hope this helps. i can print screen the hell i want but nothing happens so i tried something else.

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Now that I see that you have Zenology, perhaps you could answer some of my questions here?


Zenology can be used off line. About using an effect outside Zenology, i think not but i have to check that.

@Nielswil68 In the case of Full Bucket Music - Mono/Fury – v2.2.4 - I don’t see the latest version installed (screen shows version 1_0_0???)

Thanks, if you can test, please answer in the other topic :wink:

Zenology can be used off line. For the rest i have the free version and i have no plans to buy anything of that. Full Bucket Mono Fury is in GP3, how i done that i have no clue.

So for a start, I see a lot of items in a folder called Program Files (86) — generally those are 32-bit apps

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