Jbridged 32 bits plugins on V 3.6

Sorry if the topic has already been covered. I am new to the forum and could not find a clear answer on the topic.

I understand that 32 bits plugins are not natively supported in GP. Up to now on Windows 10 I was successfully running 32 bits plugin through Jbridge in GP.

I understand that Apple is not supporting 32 bits plugins with Catalina, but does that mean that on Windows Jbridge behavior will also be different under GP 3.6 ?

For me, two main VST components are on the line: Mobius looper and Adrenalinn

There’s no impact from our perspective. If jBridge worked for you on 3.5 on Windows, it should work fine on 3.6 on Windows as well. 32-bit plugins won’t run on Catalina (no 32-bit apps will run there) but that’s independent of Gig Performer.