Issues with GP 3.5 on new Rackmount PC

I recently built a new rackmount PC and I’ve been ‘migrating’ everything over to it. Since GP 3.5 was the latest release when I built the new PC, I installed that version for the new build. I experienced some complete crashes in GP 3.5 on the new box, and at first I thought it might be the new box or the recent Windows 10 Feature Release build 1903 that just came out that was the culprit.

The crashes appear to be caused when modifying certain global settings via preferences menus. Last night’s crash was when I was trying to ‘learn’ the setlist next/previous song buttons. I sent the crash report when it occurred.

Since I had never had this kind of issue with my old rackmount, which is still running GP 3.17, I uninstalled 3.5 and installed 3.17. I had to recover an older version of my gig file, but I didn’t have any of the problems with 3.17 that I was having with 3.5 and it appears to be running very stable. I will be sticking with 3.17 for the next couple of weeks since I have three shows to play.


Just tested with 3.5.0 on Mac
Did learn next/previous song => no issue.

Can you reproduce the issue?

I have had this what interface are u using and how many usb ports are getting used

You say you had to recover an older version of your gig file, but the issues were related to changing your preferences. Do you still have issues even if there is no gig file loaded?

GP 3.5. should actually be more stable that any other 3.x version so very surprised by this.

Another thing that could be happening is your anti-virus/security software. It would see 3.1.7 and 3.5 as different applications and it may behave differently

@pianopaul, With 3.5, I can reproduce but not ‘always’. I can say it always happens when trying to ‘learn’ a button/key assignment.

@onkeyz, I currently have all of the following connected via USB

  • Roland Fantom X7
  • Korg Kronos
  • iConnectivity MIO midi interface
  • Novation Launchkey
  • Wireless dongle for Alesis Vortex Wireless 2
  • Behringer XR18 (this is my audio interface/keyboard submix)
  • Thumb drive with my Waves licenses

@djogon, I have not tried this without a gig file loaded, and I will not ‘upgrade’ again until after my show on 8/17 at this point. I can’t risk it at this point. I agree that it ‘should’ be more stable, but upgrades don’t always work that way for every hardware/software combination.

To be clear, I’ve now been back on 3.17 without any issues since rolling back to it and ‘re-working’ my gig file for the new machine. I’ve set various global items, performed a few ‘learn’ operations and ran through my entire set last night. No glitches, no crashes.

Once I get through these three shows and have a full backup of the machine, I will re-introduce 3.5 and provide more detailed information.


I had this problem when trying to set up global midi learn functions particularly the song setup as it was dropping the audio driver (rme) i had a lot of usb connections and i ended up getting a powered usb hub and also not running my babyface pro on usb and using a power supply. Im not saying this is your cause but something to think about

Also if you global transpose songs it causes alot of issues in song mode snd gp to crash.

Can you be more specific? Do you have reproducible steps for this issue?

@onkeyz ,

If I’d had this type of problem with 3.17 before upgrading, I would think it might be a hardware issue. Being as I can’t reproduce (so far) with 3.17, I’m just not seeing this as the case. Also, I don’t use any transpose features at all (yet).


That’s a smart move in general – we’ve said many times that users should not upgrade or even change anything at all on their machines unless they have plenty of time to recover from a problem, no matter what’s causing it.

However, when you are in a position to do so, we’d really appreciate reproducible steps so we can take a look and see what’s going on.

I will definitely let you know the full steps to reproduce, and I’ll try to get a system report to go with it. In the interim, I know I have a couple of errors in the Windows application event log that might help as well. I’ll reply with those after I get home from work.


I thought we discussed this in another thread it crashes when u change from one rackspace to a transposed one because gp pauses and nothing happens therefore u press the next rackspace button again and again and just freaks out. Since removing all global transposed songs this never happens it is just to laggy and unreliable for gigs when using this feature.

That works for me with 3.5. I’m on tour this week in Norway and have several transposed racks.
There must be something more going on.

I have an XR18 as well and GP3 has been crashing. I did not back up before installing 3.5 -
? How did you do your roll back.? Did you just uninstall 3.5 then install 3.17? I want to roll back as well for the moment till things are worked out.

I uninstalled 3.5, reinstalled 3.17 and also grabbed a copy of my gig files from before saving any of them with 3.5. Gig files saved with 3.5 won’t open in 3.17. Unfortunately, I’ve run into more issues with my new rack mount and I’ve had to swap back to my old rackmount PC. I’ll be documenting those this week after I get through today’s show. I won’t be switching back again soon. It’s been a rough road this last week. Once I get through next week’s show, I’ll have a solid 3 weeks to work out kinks on the new rackmount.


thanks for the quick reply, and good luck.

As I mentioned in a different thread - please provide more information. I’ve been using XR18 with all versions of GP3 constantly. The combination of GP3 and XR18 (or any other interface for that matter) does not matter. There is something else going on on your system.
Please remove your security software, if you updated anything else recently (like your plugins) take a look at that as well.

Also - the version prior to 3.5.0 is 3.2.7, not 3.1.7 so if you are trying an older build - I suggest you try 3.2.7


Thanks djogon, I actually replied a bit earlier today to your request for more info. I will check to see where I just posted it, and copy it here. Thanks for the version tip.

There are a million ways to use Gig Performer with a mixer such as the Behringer XR series. From a guitarist stand point, having access to a midi converter like any of the Roland stuff, or Midi Guitar 2, it only adds to the endless possibilities. Of course GP3 can pretty much run the whole show on it’s own, which is one of the reasons i went with it. However it extremely time consuming (as most know) to take one song, figure out what patches you want to use through out the song, get them loaded and volumes leveled as you like, then ad lyrics (if that’s your thing) maybe some lighting links,…etc. etc. I would like most of this at some point, but don’t want to dedicate the rest of my natural born days to do so… :slight_smile:
So I have settle on something more of a live control type of access. I to a Rocktron Midi Mate controller (version 1… which by the way, was real pain in the kahoota to find info on it) and weeks went by berfore I figured out what I needed to know about it. Almost giving up a few times) I have 10 buttons that I programmed 5 on top, and 5 on the bottom.
1 Aux-Mute (XR18)
2 FX1 (XR18)
3 FX2 (XR18)
4 FX3 (XR18)
5 FX4 (XR18)

6 Master-Mute XR
7 Pianos
8 Brass
9 Drums
10 Pads
So I can mute any of the inst I want at any time. FX sends are muted rather than FX return mutes…

So the bottom line is I could have an issue with the XR18, or my PC, or GP3, which by the way has been crashing on a reg basis since I installed the 3.5 upgrade. Just a perk to enlighten my life.

@Glen and @xpansion

Have either one of you submit a crash report to us today?