Is there a startup option to avoid changing output device?

When I start GP while diconnected from my sound card it wants to switch output to my computer audio.

Is there a way to avoid this when you simply want to start GP to do things like making changes to you set list?

GP always needs an output device… active!
You can select >none< for the input.

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So the way to not fuck up your output device settings for your sound card is to save the settings and then import them again when you are connected to the sound card?


Or simply manually change the settings.

I suggest that you change your audio options when a blank gig file is created. You’ll spare some time.

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In what way?

Try it :slight_smile:

Your gig file will take some time to reload if you’re changing (say) the sample rate.

NB: some plugins just don’t properly handle requests to change their sample rate and/or they do some funky GUI stuff when they shouldn’t and poorly developed plugins may even crash.

I always experiment with audio settings with an empty gig.

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I understand what you mean, On the other side the whole point for me was to be able to do trivial maintenance to a gig file, like changing the set list order, without needing to be connected to the sound card I use when giging.

Like now; I’m sitting in my couch, with a USB cable stretched in a dangerous height about the floor to keep the connection. May easily cause my wife to accidentally get caught up in it and have a fall :slightly_smiling_face:

IDK, if you have your audio device disconnected it’s no big deal if you don’t save the file after dinging around with it although in your case the whole point is changing things and saving the file.

For awhile I was regularly changing audio devices and testing different drivers and setting up whatever audio configuration I wanted and setting up the audio became an afterthought that took at most 10 - 20 seconds. Even now sometimes I forget to turn on my audio device but will run GP anyway if I was going to work on something like you describe because it’s just so trivial to re-set up an audio profile that I use all the time.

Maybe being able to save and load audio profiles could be a feature request though, not sure how many people would find it useful. I should probably mention that all my audio device changes are made in Rig Manager so nothing changes in the individual sets. I’m probably not describing that accurately?

You can export and import audio settings


You can just select your inbuilt sound card.
And when you open a gig which uses multiple output channels you are asked if virtual channels should be used.
So I See no issue.


I already know and do this. But, as I understand it from what @npudar writes earlier in this thread, just accepting the computers built in sound card when I’m not connected to my sound card, then importing my audio settings for my Focusrite as soon as I start GP after I’m again connected, could cause trouble. Is that correct?

Didn’t see this before I posted.

So; This means I does not have to think of problems being caused by selecting the inbuilt sound card?

Just give the correct answer when you are asked :wink:



I thought this could not be as difficult and risky as it sounded above :slightly_smiling_face:

No troubles, it’s just that I tweak all settings on a new empty gig gile.


Ok :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t get that question.

I started GP, the setting for loading last used gig file on, got the message about the not connected sound card, and answered yes to changing the output.

Newer got asked about virtual channels, though.

What am I missing?

I also turned of the setting for autoloading the last gig, thus having to open the gig file afterwards, but still no question.

You are asked about virtual channels when your gig uses more audio outputs/inputs than the actual interface provides.

Ah. So if I use just output 3 and 4 on my Focusrite I will not get the question because the computer audio also has stereo output?

Can I fix this by setting up, say output 2 from the Focusrite somehow using it for nothing?

What do you want to fix?