Intermittent Crash Loading Gig Rack Spaces

I need help with an intermittent crash issue with Gig Performer 3. The crash happens on loading the gig as Gig Performer is loading the rack spaces at startup.

I cannot find logs so I can’t tell why this is happening. I’ve submitted the crash report when Gig Performer pops up the crash dialog box. There are no events in Windows Event Logs either with any related errors.

Again, this problem is intermittent. Sometimes the gig loads all the rack spaces without issue. Once the gig is loaded, I have not experienced a crash. It is only on the load operation at startup. The last time it crashed I did note that it was loading a rack space using the GSi VB3-II organ plugin.

This gig always loaded before without problems, so I don’t know if the crash is caused by the recent Gig Performer version update, or, by some Windows Update that has updated dependent DLLs. I find it strange the issue is intermittent.

Is there a mode where I can examine crash logs from Gig Performer?

I have gigs coming up in July and I need a stable, reliable system. Determining where the problem lies is necessary but I don’t see a way to find the information.

Thank you.

Are you using predictive load?

Yes, in the GP crash dialog window you have an option to examine what GP can send to Deskew and save it before if you want.

You can also have a look in the following directory (from your user directory):

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Predictive load is turned off.
I see logs in “UnsentCrashReports” but these logs just indicate what modules and threads it is dumping. There are not details regarding what exactly crashed. There must be a “dmp” file somewhere with detailed information.
I can see that Gig Performer crashed once before the update to the new version, so the problem is not specific to the latest version.

Are you in SetList Mode when you load the gig?
What version are you using?

Performance mode - loading rack spaces at startup. There are songs in the set list, but that view is not active at startup. Latest version - but as noted above the crashes started with the version just prior so I don’t think it is related to the new version.

Try to load in SetList Mode, it is just a test to see if it crashes too.

I am sure the crash is forced by a plugin, maybe you see it in the crash log,

Got it to crash in set list mode. Is there a way to read the “dmp” file? The XML file just has this:

ExceptionModule=C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 3\GigPerformer3.exe

Are you prompted to send a crashlog via a special dialog?

Yes - I’ve sent logs. This last time I saved off the zip files prior to the send. Is there an application for reading and analyzing the crash “dmp” file?

Sorry, I dont know, I am on Mac

You could post the zip files here, I think it is easier for the developpers to relate a crash log to an on going discussion. (63.0 KB)

Here is one of the crashes. Didn’t know I could upload files to the forum. From what I can see, there is not an offending plugin, but Gig Performer itself is crashing. I can’t read the dmp file.

While there are no conclusive results - seems that one of your vst3 plugins is crashing.

It’s either your vb3-Ii or Lounge Lizard ep 4

Try replacing one of these plugins with their vst2 versions and see if that helps.

Were you able to determine it is one of those plugins based on the dmp file contents?
If so, is it in the loading of variations associated with a song in a setlist, or, in the rack space itself?
I’m never sure whether to use vst3 or vst2 versions of plugins. Are vst3 versions less stable?
When I saw it crash in performance mode it was loading the rack space with the VB3-II organ so my guess is that is the plugin.

In Plugin Manager you can disable the vb3 plugin, then load the gig.
When the crash does not occur, you can be fairly sure that you found the bad guy.
What version of vb3 are you using?
The newest 1.1.1?

Yes… VB3-II is the latest version. Not sure if there are vst3 and vst2 versions.
The rack space has several buttons whose purpose is to issue program changes. Not sure if all of these are “firing” during the load and causing a thread related crash.
This gig loaded fine for weeks, but one thing that has changed is adding songs with rack space variations. Not sure if this is the trigger. I’ve removed those song parts to see if the problem goes away.

The VB3-II does have vst3 and vst2 versions. Have to experiment with changing that as well.