Can you start GP in safe mode?

Hi all,

I must have messed up my script after 5 iterations adding stuff constantly.
Now when I start GP, it starts up with the last gig loaded, but crashes as soon as I want to load something else. Is there a way to start GP in safe mode (e.g. by holding down a special key while clicking the GP icon, such that it starts up with a clean slate)?

Also, I sent a few crash reports to Apple without looking too carefully inside them. Where can I find them? The location as discussed here doesn’t exist on macOS.

There is no GP fail safe mode, but:

  • maintain <SHIFT> when starting and GP will start with an empty gig
  • maintain <CTRL> when starting and GP won’t start the scripts within the gig file (you will have to explicitely recompile to run the scripts)
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Thanks @David-san,
It took two attempts using <SHIFT> but now I’m back in business.
Any tips on how to debug my code? I was hoping for break points and watch variables, but up to now, I’ve only succeeded using the Print() statement.

That’s the way to go I think.