Intentional mid lag to smooth pitch bend or breath controller

Hi community !
With my breath controller, when I blow softly in my instrument, I kind of hear a lot of “granular” midi soup. It’s quite similar with pitch bend. It’s like if I can hear the continuous midi messages. On some VST, I can introduce a lag on these CC, like the pitch bend on Respiro from Imoxplus, or one value that I can choose on Diva from u-he. It smooths the value and removes perfectly any sound of “midi grain” but it’s limited as I can’t choose several parameters on which doing that.
Would it be possible to reproduce the same behaviour in a GP script?

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What?! You can hear MIDI? There nothing to hear in MIDI messages. What do you mean?

I have to admit that I don’t understand much of what you are trying to explain. Could you please try to explain it a little differently, perhaps more clearly? :face_with_monocle:

Ok, I know, it seems curious but it’s the only explanation I have. I don’t hear the midi itself, but the result of the rushing of midi messages, I’ll do a recording soon.

Could you please post a screenshot of a GP MIDI monitor when it happens?

Good idea ! What makes me tell it comes from the midi messages is that the breath CC rate can be changed on my instrument and that I can hear these midi noises clearer when I set the breath on the minimum rate 63Hz. At the maximum 1000Hz, it’s thinner but still here

The midi monitor shows nothing abnormal:

Here I made some test: I gently blow without tongue attack, like several short crescendo:

With this preset it’s not so audible, but on some others, when I’m really searching the purity of the sound, it’s annoying to finish a decrescendo with all this noise.

The same sound but with a 20db boost at 70Hz. Can you hear it?

The same as precedent but with the Breath CC message rate set to 125Hz in place of 500hz.

What I’m sure about is that the LAG modificator in DIVA vst solves the problem:
In the Manual, the definition of LAG is:“Slows down all changes in the mod source, e.g. makes square waves round”

I have the same kind of noise on pitch bend. It’s like if you can hear the increment although the scale is based on 127.
I’m also sure that the VST Respiro can solve that by adding a Smooth up and Smooth down time on the pitch bend. For exemple, with “10ms of smooth”: I can’t hear the noise anymore.
In the Respiro manual, this option is described as “You can adjust the speed for bend pitch changes using smooth up and smooth down. So, that small pitch errors due to unintended bite or lip movement on the wind controller can be reduced.”

I am not sure what I am supposed to hear… :thinking:

And what are we supposed to hear or not hear? What is the correct sound? 125Hz is already really a lot of MIDI CC message and 500MHz is crazy. Do you really need these rates ? Isn’t it this two much for some VST synths?

If I understand well you hear what you call « noise » added to Diva and Respiro when using your breath controller? Could you ever use your breath controller with these VST without « noise » before?

I don’t know what’s really corresponding to 125Hz, but it’s the minimum. in the manual of my wind controller, it’s written that high breath rate (the maximum is 1000Hz) is particularly useful to explore special blowing technic like flutter-tongue.
To get back on my issue, I’ve recorded a little video so I can explain better. I found a typical preset on which the noise is more audible. Control A = breath. And I used to map it on the filter so the sound is morphed with the breath.

Any idea why this noise is tamed by this lag function? Any possibilities to reproduce that with a GP script?

Thanks for your help

Maybe it’s 2 different problems but I hear the same kind of “increments” noise with this pitch bend example in another VST. And same, with the smooth function, it disappears.