IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X on sale

Audio Deluxe currently have some IK Multimedia plugins on sale, notably the Hammond B-3X plugin at almost half price: $69.99. Given that this is widely regarded as the best B3 sim available, and is also my opinion as I use it myself, this price is a real bargain.


Thanks for the hint! Maybe i will take the chance…

That’s an amazing price!

I prefer my actual Hammond XK-5 but I used to gig with the B-3X and it’s amazing. I did comparrisons between it and the XK-5 into the IK Leslie VST and the B-3X is pretty indistinguishable from the XK-5 when adjusted for variables.

That doesn’t surprise me given B-3X is endorsed by Hammond. Good to know it is that close to an actual Hammond modelled hardware unit.

The only downside is the CPU-Usage

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I’d jump on it, but I’ve settled on IK Amplitube Leslie with NI Vintage Organ (or I could use Arturia’s B3 from the V Collection as the hammond organ source too). In either case, I think the hammond source is less important than the Leslie sim.

[Edit: I ended up purchasing it. Don’t know if it will sound any better than NI or Arturia through Amplitube Leslie. But, there are more resources on the web to help me get the most out of it, as compared my prior set up (I barely scratched the surface). Hopefully the cpu strain is not any worse than my current setup (NI Vintage Organs in Amplitube Leslie) (maybe even better?).]

With that being said, the Leslie in the B3-X is the exact same Leslie as the IK T-Racks Leslie… which many regard as the bees knees.

It’s what I use when I don’t use my real 145 even though my XK-5 has a built in sim… I use the IK T-Racks instead via GP and my MOTU I/O.


Anybody with experiences on Apple Silicon (M1) - stable?

Just purchased and installed on my M1 MacBook Pro - seems completely stable so far. I needed to reinstall due to a previous demo version being present (this seemed to make the presets disappear), but once I did that - all ok. I have to say, so far it is the best tonewheel VST I’ve played. Needs tweaking to taste, like all organs do, but very accurate to my ears. (I owned a '69 C-3 and a '58 B-3 a few years back, with leslies and PR40 tone cabinets). Just missing the smell of tonewheel oil when you lift the lid :slight_smile:


For Thomann customers: IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X – Musikhaus Thomann
even 4 EUR less…

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That just prompted me to check somewhere else I usually buy from. If you go to JRR Shop and use the code “FORUM” at the checkout, it comes down to $62.29.

My go-to organ with MacBook M1, it works stable.

How does it compare to Blue3?

Meanwhile I also added a B-3X to my collection: Personally, I still like VB3-II most. Blue 3 is the most flexible and stable one, the B-3X provides the easiest way for good distorted Rock Organs - I like it. The B-3 V2 from my Arturia collection I don’t use anymore.

Just my 2ct…

That didn’t last long. Price has gone back up to €129 on the IK website now. But if you’re quick, you can still get it for £69 from Thomann [IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X – Thomann UK]

It’s on sale again, this time at KVR for $49, though it doesn’t seem to be available at that price buying from within the UK, but the rest of the world seems able to buy it at $49.


49 on IK Multimedia site too, and you can use jampoints.

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I checked kvr audio, but couldn’t get the 49 version. Just bought it for 59 euro at Thomann.

I’m not at home until tomorrow late, so have to wait before trying.

I hope it will be an improvement over the native instruments vintage organ in using now.

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@Michelkeijzers I was a long time user of NI’s old B4 VSTi, I even have the controller. But once that was retired and they went over to the sample-based version I’ve not found it as good. IK’s B-3X is definitely the best I have tried so far and is the only one to be endorsed by Hammond themselves.


I tried it yesterday evening for about an hour, and I was really surprised how much better it sounded than NI Vintage Organ. I heard about NI B4, but I stepped into VST’s after it was retired.

I need to find out the best way to add distortion/gain/overdrive as there are so many ways (distortion stomp box, gain, guitar amp, leslie cabinets etc). But the presets sounded very good already.

The next days I need to change my script as it was fixed for NI, but that will not be that much of work.

The only ‘downside’ I could find so far is that it always uses around 20% CPU, even when not audible. But in 95% of the cases I can live with that, in the other cases, I maybe still use the old NI. But in those cases, the Hammond mostly plays a less important part anyway as there are many other sounds using the CPU power.

Maybe next year I buy a new laptop (also as ‘backup’, as I don’t have any yet).