IK B-3x problems

I have recently bought a new plugin, the Hammond B-3x organ from IK Multimedia.

Three things to note:
1: It sounds AMAZING. totally authentic with a lot of flexibility and nuances. The best B3 plugin bar none when it comes to sound.

  1. Massively CPU hungry. It’s using 40% of my CPU power (and I am running a dual Xeon system)

  2. It crashes my GP constantly. Be warned.
    It appears to behave itself using Windows audio, but jump to ASIO and the whole program blinks out.

Hello, I got IK Multimedia B-3 and have got problems (Dell I7, 8 GB Ram, Win 8.1)

@GagoC What’s your percentage CPU running it alone?

This is known.

See Blue3 v. B4II

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Sample Tank, when it first came out was very crashy, after an update, it’s much better, maybe same thing will happen

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@dhj Oh, thanks for that, I’d not spotted it.
They also mention Amplitube, which I had been using in combination with the Arturia B3V, which is also pretty power hungry, but half what the B-3x is demanding.

The VST version turned out to be very buggy. On Mac you could use the AU version but as a Windows user it seems you have to wait for a fix.

@jazzundso I’ve half a mind to get my money back.

The other annoying aspect of the IK B-3X plugin is that you cannot map a sustain pedal footswitch (CC64) to TOGGLE the Leslie speed. You can map CC64, but you have to hold the footswitch down for fast and let up for slow. I’ve gone back to using the Arturia V Collection B3 until IK fixes this issue.

With using a widget in latch mode this is possible.
I do that all the time

Really? Can you share your technique?

Select the ‘Momentary to latching’ box .


And you have to learn the widget with your sustain pedal.

New to GP and widgets. I assume that I add a switch widget (horizontal or vertical) to the rack space front panel and map it to the B-3X plugin?

Better is a knob and then map it to B-3X plugin speed.
Then midi learn it to your sustain pedal and check “Momentary to latching”

Thank you, pianopaul!!! I was able to use a horizontal switch with “momentary to latching” enabled, however I also had to enable the Invert switch to make the widget work with my sustain pedal/switch. Works like a champ!!

It’s better to assign Leslie speed to your mod wheel.

Yes, this way you don’t have to use “momentary to latching” enabled and you don’t loose CC64 to sustain for example piano chords, when you split sounds.

But most of us have 2 hands to play and no time to use ModWheel to switch the leslie speed.
In the enhancement requests at IK Multimedia Site this latching mode is entered (in IK Multimedia Leslie this is implemented - they simply forgot it in the Hammond plugin…).
And also to support sustain like VB3 II or Blue 3 support it is requested.

I like to switch the Leslie speed by using aftertouch, that’s why i have a script in all of my organ-rackspaces which gives me three options to switch the Leslie: Sustain-Pedal (sustain-signal is passed on and won’t be lost), Aftertouch and a button on my controller, but most of the time i only use the aftertouch.

@pianopaul Well Hammond players have managed to get away with the famous “half-moon” Leslie switch for years, and using the mod wheel is a pretty close approximation. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was actually considering buying one to attach to a keyboard.