Icon P1-M: a new very interesting small control surface

I currently use an Icon Plaform M+ with its display unit option (DU) with GP. This one seems to have the same small form factor and has also an optional OLED display unit:

It could become my new surface control.


I see there’s an even smaller ‘nano’ version as well.

I like what they’ve done with the 4x4 touch button grid. After the holiday I’ll email them and ask if there is a way to change the labels on those via sysex rather than having to go through the IMAP program every time. Would be very cool if they could be changed in real time through GP scripting/extensions.

The display is definitely an upgrade. I never really liked the display on the Platform M+. It works, but it’s not great. The OLED display looks much nicer.

Given that the form factor is the same as the M+ I’m not sure it’s worth an upgrade for me. I may grab the P1-Nano though, being roughly half the width. I also really like that the nano will work on USB power (assuming your PC is up to it).

From the documentation it looks like everything operates on MCU protocol (like most of Icon’s other controllers). That’s great for compatibility, but also defines (limits) what you can display. I’d love to get more than 7 characters per channel strip, but at least on this one each scribble area is distinct so you can use all 7 rather than having to leave a space at the end (thus 6 chars) so they don’t all run together.

I also wanted to contact them, so please if you do so, share your info here. :wink:

Not very useful update, but I emailed Icon to ask if there was a way to re-write the button labels on the touch screen using sysex or any other means.

They got back to me pretty quickly, asking me to elaborate on what I had in mind and what the use case would be.

I wrote a fairly detailed response a week ago and have not heard back. I suppose hearing nothing is better than a “no” but not as good as a “yes”.