How to load only one rackspace at a time in a setlist?

Well I use an Apogee Groove, as has been discussed on here previously. It is just a stereo DAC so I can’t test latency, with that test anyway. I understand it might not be up to snuff, but the price ($249 and just paying for the feature I need it for, stereo DAC) and the small size make it worthwhile for me. It is a well regarded company and they have their own ASIO driver for it. I am running at. 64 samples so it must be doing something right.

But as I said it’s right on the edge. If I can find any other little thing to address the issue that would be helpful, which is why I wonder about not having to load many multiple instances of plugins. And as I mentioned even if it did not help latency it sure would speed up start up which which would be great. I understand the predictive loading is invaluable to many, it just isn’t for me.

I have never done a double blind test, but I am confident of my perspective. I’ve had too many circumstances that were the equivalent of double blind as I wasn’t thinking about latency or anything of the sort and knew something was off. I wouldn’t bet my life on getting the difference between 64 and 128 100% but going from 128 to 256 is easily noticeable to me

I wouldn’t really rely on Windows Home for your Pro purposes.
Although we have a guide to optimize your Windows PC: FREE e-book by Deskew - Optimize your Windows PC for the stage!
This might not work on the Home edition, as it is more “locked”.

My suggestions:

  • RAM upgrade
  • Windows upgrade to Pro

If this is not an option, follow the abovementioned guidelines, see what guidelines work on your Home edition to free up your RAM and CPU cycles.

Also make sure to run Gig Performer Latency tool: Latency measurement tool


npudar, I also am running WIndows Home on my Dell. I am curious what can’t be unlocked versus the Pro edition? Is this referenced in the Optimize WIndows PC for the Stage?

The Home edition is not mentioned.

For example there are less possibilities to control the Windows Update on Windows Home.

Let’s remember that a song will always be loaded fully!

That means that if you set predictive loading to 3 and your song uses 6 rackspaces - all 6 will be loaded.

The reason is obvious - you don’t want to be loading stuff mid song.

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