How to load only one rackspace at a time in a setlist?

I’ve scoured the manual, videos, tutorials, forums, I cannot find a workaround for this – is it possible to make GP only load a singe rackspace at a time in a set list? With predictive loading the minimum is 3, and without predictive loading it defaults to loading much more than that into RAM. I have a tour where there’s not a need for completely seamless transitions between songsand it’s much more important to utilize a lower buffer size for lower latency than to have more rackspaces loaded into the ram. Some of the music includes very fast improvisation, and currently with 3 keyscape rackspaces loaded, it either risks some crackling at the ideal buffer size, or a less than ideal amount of latency.

The best I’ve come up with so far is to create a blank rackspace on each side of every song, but that’s not the most elegant organization. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Latency and CPU usage Are different from RAM usage.
Why Not use Predictive load with value set to 3?
How much RAM do you have?

Hey, I do currently have the predictive loading set to 3. The laptop has 8GB Ram – I’ve done everything I can to optimize the CPU for live performance, my issue is that even with the 3 rackspaces loaded (each rackspace is using a keyscape patch), it is on the edge of it’s abilities at the buffer I need for ideal latency.

Normally RAM has nothing to do with latency.
But when RAM is too less then the system has to swap.

You should think about using more RAM.

Hey Paul, thanks! I understand, yes RAM is set to max, CPU usage is the issue – I still need to find a way to only load one keyscape at a time in the set. Any ideas?

you could use keycape in the global Rackspace.
But then you have to take care that different Keyscape presets are loaded when you switch rackspaces and need a different sound.

Did you activate preview in Keyscape, this way you save RAM?

That’s a great idea! I’ll have to figure out how to route that exactly, but the set it is one Keyscape rhodes across the whole set list as the sound source, so the global rackspace should work!

How do you activate/deactive “preview” in keyscape? This is a setting I haven’t come across in my research

What sample rate and buffer size are you using?

44.1khz, 96 buffer

What latency is shown in the audio Settings?
What Audiointerface are you using?
What is the spec of your machine where GP running?

I haven’t figured out this one yet either. But I did come across this page that might help some…

I do not have the details, but I think there is a system button where you can enable “Thinning”

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I’m using a focusrite scarlett 2i2, this kind of laptop – I’m at my studio right now where the laptop isn’t handy, but the latency is noticeable at 96 buffer. Not terrible, but noticeable

Really with 96 sample buffer size at 44 kHz?
What latency is shown in the GP Audio Settings?
How is the real overall latency?
You can easily measure that with GP

I’m at my studio without the laptop here, I’ll have to measure when I’m back home, but it is noticeable. If there was a way to tell GP to only load one rackspace at a time, that would be the easiest way to handle this. It seems like the global rackspace is the next best option! If you have any other ideas, please share!

Why do you think to load only 1 rackspace solves your latency issue?
Try this test:
Export the rackspace.
Create a new empty gig and import the rackspace.
Now you will see the latency is the same.
Do you use an ASIO driver?

Meh. Go to 128 or even 160

My pro guitar friends (using in ears) work at 192 or even 256 with no issues. In a double blind test, I doubt anyone could tell the difference between 96 and 128

I’d be more skeptical of your audio interface not being up to the task of handing those lower sizes. A decent audio driver makes a huge difference

It probably won’t. This feels more like an audio driver issue not being able to handle the lower buffer size. Or maybe the computer isn’t up to it.

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I have heard this often. I don’t know about guitarists, but as a piano player, when playing keyboard sounds (Rhodes, etc) I can not go above 128 and definitely prefer 64. I can’t say that I necessarily hear the difference but I most definitely can FEEL the difference (though that clearly is part of hearing it). It just feels sluggish, I can get used to higher values after a bit, but as I often switch between the internal sounds of my keyboard and the sounds in GP the difference is always noticeable.

I wish it were not the case. Having to run so low definitely puts me right on the edge, even with a new pretty well spec’d laptop. IK B3X is the main culprit, worse than Diva.

Someone wrote above that RAM has no effect on latency, is that true? I also have little use for predictive loading. Even if that doesn’t effect latency, I’d prefer some option of not loading multiple instances of plugins just to make startup quicker. Is that something I can do with global rack space? I’d still want different configurations of plugins and presets etc

I play both though I’m primarily a keyboard player. I usually play at 256 and while I can tell it’s not “instantaneous”, it generally doesn’t bother me at all. If I have something really percussive, I’ll go down to 128 and then it most certainly feels instantaneous.

When you say you can feel the difference, have you really done a proper double-blind test? Just knowing the settings can impact what you think you feel.

The reason guitarists would be even more sensitive is because they can hear the physical string when they pluck it so even a slight delay before the processed audio arrives is instantly noticeable. Also, for every foot of distance, that’s about 1ms extra delay.

As @pianopaul mentioned, you should see what the actual latency is with your audio interface.

By definition, excluding your interface, the actual latency for a 44.k sample rate and 128 buffer size would be 128/44100 = 2.9 milliseconds and you’d have to be superhuman to notice that