How to find a Plug In, so I can change it

I reported previously I had issues with Haleon not opeing proberly, so I’m going to change songs with thosde patches to something more reliable. Is there a way you can search for songs containing that Plugin, without having to go through the 200 songs that I have. I thought I saw this somewhere, but can’t find how (again)

I believe that you found that in the Hacks Compilation thread.


Thank you. I though I saw something in MS.

I spent 50 minutes trying to get this happening in MacOS. Still no luck. Then I copied the file, and it worked in less than 5 minutes using Windows!!! I found the script doesn’t like brackets and/or spaces, which may have been the issue. At least the error from Microsoft was logical.

Everyone tells me MacOS is SOOOO EASY. FFS. My M1 is a great Device, but the OS is bad. IOS is even worse.

As a primarily Windows user, I still have a hard time having the “X” button positioned to the left, and not having applications have their own menus, but the common menu. This is a major macOS usability concern for me.

But, when it comes to audio, it’s great.

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great for audio, because it gets rid of driver incompatibilty. But overall, the OS sux, and programs don’t install unless you go into system settings/preferences.

Why sux, because it is safe?

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Over-Cautious. :slight_smile: