How to declare variable for midi CC that's used in global midi

@ztones I have turned this into a template. You might find it useful. It will allow you to click next/prev multiple times quickly to move to a particular part (before the next bar starts). There are also direct select widgets for parts 1-8.


I “might” find this useful? Might? That “might” be the understatement of the week! :rofl:
This is really awesome! I find it VERY useful! Skipping song parts and direct select, all quantized? N I C E !!! Thanks so much for making this!

I put the script and template in my global rackspace. Compiled fine. Unfortunately I just crashed GP (probably too many plugins open and editing things…) and running out, no time to continue to test right now, but I did notice couple of odd behaviors. It may be because I have some midi commands in the song parts that are not playing nice together. I have the song selection and then a play command (turs on a widget associated to play) for my midi file player in the parts. So one thing i noticed is that the first bar kept looping over and over, never advancing to the next part and actually playing the midi file. Just the first bar. Then when I went to a song part that had NO commands at all (no song selection or play for the MFP) it started playing some midi that was inside my EzBass plugin. Once I deleted it, it didn’t do it anymore, so lets not worry about that, might have been fluke in the plugin. But not progressing passed the first bar is something that I’d like to solve obviously. :slight_smile:

Please send the crash report if it happens again and before you send it, provide the steps to reproduce the crash.

Are you using the Local GP Port (specifically CC 80) for anything? I am using that in the Gig script to reset everything when it detects the song has changed.

Otherwise, are you merging my code with a lot of existing Global Rackspace scripts? I can take a look if you are and try to figure it out.

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