How to change presets on hw keyboard

Hi, id like to control a nord wave and a kronos keyboard with gp. Id like to change presets in each rackspace or variation. What is the best solution?

You can define messages to be sent out when a rackspace is actived.
This can be set in each MIDI Out plugin

Or you can define message to be sent out to phyiscal MIDI devices in Song Part properties.
This messages are sent when when the Song Part is switched to.

If you want to send a MIDI Program Change message (PC) with optional MIDI Bank Select messages (MSB + LSB) at each rackspace change, the solution from @pianopaul is the easier and therefore the best one.

If you also want to send PC even when switching to another variation within the same rackspace, you can test this alternative solution based on a Scriptlet (see the wiring view) controlled by some widgets. The Scriptlet was not really tested until now. So, please, if you need it, test it carefully and report any issues here. Also a positive feedback after having deeply tested will be appreciated. Here is the Program Change Scriptlet in a test gig file (please replace the marked block by your hardware synth MIDI out block):

In the meantime I also added a “Learn Mode” which makes it possible to learn the PC from the hardware synth itself while selecting the sounds on it. (also not really tested)…

Learn_Program_Change_Scriptlet.gig (238.5 KB)

ACHTUNG: don’t forget to check the “pass program change messages” checkbox of your synth MIDI out block once you replaced it in the wiring view!

Nota: Using only the learning mode button, a set of PC/MSB/LSB text labels can make the panel much simpler and elegant (but at least one widget is required to store the PC/MSB/LSB.


This is very cool!


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Did you test it? Does it work?

I tested it but only using MIDI Monitor and a controller that can send CC and PC. No output devices attached at this time. Will keep handing for later if I need it but it seems to be just fine.


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