How does Gig Performer manage DSP

How does Gig Performer manage DSP when changing from one rackspace to another rackspace?

Do Vi’s that are not in a current rackspace become inactive so to free up DSP for the VI’s in the current Rackspace?

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I’ve just updated this thread with more tips.

This should explain all about rackspaces/variations: [blog] About rackspaces and variations


Very carefully :slight_smile:

Love your YouTube video, by the way.


Excellent cover. I first saw Styx in a club in a near-west Chicago suburb before they made it big. Great memories! Love the sync’d video of Tommy Shaw’s vocals. All three Styx covers rocked!

EDIT: There goes my Saturday morning. Now I’ve got to rewatch, for the gazilionth time, Styx’ Return To Paradise tour (1997) final show from the Rosemont Horizon out by O’Hare.

thanks, Brutha themaartian! Yea, the White Tie Rock Ensemble band is great project. We cover a lot of classic rock…Always on my toes programming programming programming. I’ve been using (2) SiparioX midi routers to handle all my keyrig setup. Hoping Gig Performer will help relieve a lot VST programming that I’m having to do with Reaper. Once I get some down time from the road, I’ll dive into Gig Performer.
Rock On! My Friend!

Curious - what exactly are you trying to do?

Reaper is just too much of a program that I’m really needing. Reaper is more focused on being a DAW than being a VST host.

Looks like GigPerformer is focused on just been an excellent all-around “everything” VST host. What I’m most excited about with GP is its ability to instantly change rackspaces via Midi program change.

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Oh, ok - that’s pretty much the standard difference between a DAW that focuses on the recording process and a live performance host that focuses on, well, live performance.

Have fun.

Nice work on those keys, engineerjoel! I am also a huge Styx fan. I enjoyed several of your videos on YouTube. You’ll love GP for your live rig. I’ve been using it every week since Oct 2017 and it has not failed me. I use VSTs exclusively.

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