How do I custom program a Kontakt 5 instrument?

I’ve been happily programming GP controls to various instrument settings via te learn feature contained here:

But there appears to be some trick to this when it comes to a Kontakt 5 instrument.

I’m using Shreddage 3 guitar in Kontakt…but when I try to learn to custom control the vibrato…this learn feature doesn’t work…

I found another GP post that referred to something called Host Automation…but I’m sorry I don’t really understand this…

I can program my foot pedal to change a GP controller setting…but I’m not sure how I get this to change the vibrato in Kontakt itself…thanks for any help or a link to some instructions that explain how to deal with a Kontakt instrument.


I can see a list of Kontakt effects below the Kontakt plugin learn section…but if I choose Vibrato Speed or Vibrato Depth…this doesn’t do the same thing as when I press my Keyboards modulation control…ie.the vibrato dial isn’t in the list?

I’ve tried programming my foot controller to Vibrato Speed - Depth and something called Sh…but none of these change the Vibrato controller within Shreddage 3 the same way that the Modulation controller does on my roland. I can’t figure out where this mysterious ‘Vibrato’ setting is changed…

Take a look at this youtube video.
This should work with your Kontakt and loaded instrument.

Maybe the ModWheel cannot be automated.
When this is true, just create a widget and map it to send modwheel into the Midi In connected to Kontakt.
And then Midi learn you widget.

Here is a list of CC Numbers and their meaning:

Brilliant pianopaul…this was exactly the problem.

I actually figured out how I could train the automation id’s within Kontakt…but even that wasn’t helping because for some reason Shreddage 3 does not allow you to learn the Vibrato parameter…it is hard coded to the mod wheel.

However your suggestion worked perfectly…thank you so much!!

Glad to hear.
Feel free to ask when you need more assistance.

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Thank you…I have another question that I am sure is totally basic…but I am totally confused…

I have Komplete Ultimate…which comes with various effects…such as a reverb effect called Raum.

Now I have a saxophone sound available.

How do I add this Raum reverb to this?

Do I somehow do this in Gig Performer…as a separate effect? (I looked but I don’t see Raum listed)

Or do I add it within one of the Komplete instruments? ie. onto the sax itself?

And what actually should I add it to?

They have so many versions like Kontakt…Kontakt 5…and Komplete control…

I’ve tried googling this…but I’m not actually sure which place I should even be trying to do this…I just want to add reverb…and ideally I could use a GP control to bring the reverb in or out with a slider.

Thanks for clues…I know this must be easy…because every video seems to assume I will know…but I don’t understand!

Did you install Raum?
Ok, then you have to scan the new installed pluging.
This you can do in the “Plugin Manager” Window.
At the bottom you find a button labeled “Scan…”
Then in the popup menu press “Scan for new or updated plugins”

Then you can route this way:

With this routing you can send to a reverb (like you would use a send bus on a normal console)

Example gig:
Raum.gig (11.7 KB)

Thanks pianopaul…I think it was indeed that scan plug ins feature…(which I knew about but forgot to do)

I assumed I had to maybe do it through Kontakt or something first.

Thanks…is good to know I should always see any effects available in the list.
Thanks again.

So basically with Gig Performer workflow it sounds like I’m better off adding the effect straight in GP…rather than adding it to something like Kontakt. Thanks:)