How do I best connect different plugins

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someone can help me answer my questions.

  1. what is the best way to connect a reverb plugin?
    a) like the left image
    b. like the right picture
    (c) quite different
  2. how to use the midi out or inputs on the plugins. what can i do with the midi output of kontakt and the midi input of reverbrate?

  1. Your ears should give you the solution… Usually you have to mix the dry signal (sound produced by the instrument without effects) with the wet signal (the signal affected by an effect). When you play the piano in a concert hall, the direct sound of the piano (dry sound) mixes with the sound of the piano bouncing to the walls (wet sound). The sound perceived by the audience is a mix of both. Well, with digital can decide to do what you want, but the right way is more what you described in 1.b)

  2. I would say RTFM :wink:
    In plugins there are sometimes some possibilities to control them using MIDI, but it is much better not to use MIDI directly from your controller to control the plugins. It is better to use host automation from GP to the plugin, and MIDI from your controller to GP to fully benefit from GP.

Thank you for your answers.
If I choose solution B, do I not double my piano sound? I feel that this is distorting my piano sound and it is not as pure. Like if I play with 2 pisnos at the same time and then create a slight chorus effect.

Then check is the mix dry/wet is not already done in the reverberate plugin you are using, which shouldn’t be the case :thinking:

In the 1.b) scheme you can monitor the dry signal alone as well as the pure wet signal.

And I hope you’re not testing with the 1.a) scheme together with the 1.b) one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use both methods, depending on the rack I am building and my mood at the time :grin:
Option B can become more useful when you are using a single reverb plugin for multiple plugins (like as a send effect). If using option B you should make sure the reverb is at 100% wet and then you control the mix using the GP audio mixer you have next in the chain.

The Reverberate manual mentions the ‘Settings’ tab where you can over ride the default preset wet/dry mix and set them all to 100% wet if you are using it as a send effect.

This topic has some screenshots and explanations of more complex routings that I found useful.

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But, for multiple reverb it is nice to have a way to adjust the send level, like a GP mixer plugin just in front of the effect plugin.

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You’re talking about “is the mix dry/wet is not already done in the reverberate plugin” does that mean that if I use the settings applied in the image and the mixer reverbrate is set to solo, no sound should be heard here?

No, I said that, with option b, if your plugin has already an integrated dry/wet mixer, it can be that the « dry » part coming from the plugin and possibly slightly delayed, combines with the original dry signal, which could cause an unwanted flanger style effect. As mentioned @rank13, following option B (which is better to me because the wet/dry levels are controlled using a GP mixer plugin independently from any third party effect plugin), you have to be sure that at the effect plugin output you have 100% wet signal (only the effect).

But take also care to the fact that you have two kontakt instances playing at the same time, so don’t forget to bypass the plugins of adjust the levels such that the two kontakt instances dont play at the same time…

I have assumed that if my siganl is 100% wet and only the effect is sent, actually no sound is produced, but only the effect is transported and mixed with the piano sound after the mixer.

Sorry for my english…:frowning: I translate the most with deepl.

OK, m’y understanding of the Greek language is limited to a few bad words I learned with a Greek roommate of mine at the university. (Given your name I supposed you could be Greek :wink:)
But, from what I understand from your deepl translation, it seems that you understand right. :+1:

Hahaha…ok, i think my greek is only good for normal conversation, but not for technical things. I grew up in Germany and I speak only German very good.

so that you understand what i meant, i have added another screenshot and the output of this setting. is it correct that with this setting a sound comes, or should nothing come here.

Neue Aufnahme (60.1 KB)

Missed… OK, put me to the Marterpfahl :cold_face:

Everything seems OK to me, it seems you are monitoring only the wet part of the signal. It also seem that the reverberate plugin adds a delay to the processed signal, which explain perhaps, why it seems to you that the dry signal is very present in the wet signal too. I cannot tell you, if what you are getting out of the reverberate is OK or not, as I don’t know this plugin. :grimacing:

Thanks for your answer David,
i will ask the boy who recommended this plugin to me, he knows it very well.