Help needed: Input overlap when changing rackspaces

I’m still on the trial and must admit I fell in love with this application. I’ve ordered a new midi pedal that I can’t wait to set up with the different rackspaces I’ve created using my Neural DSP-plugins.

What I want to discuss here is how to deal with overlapping inputs going from one rackspace to another. I really like the audio tail that slowly fades off the reverb/delay from the previous rackspace, but duing this time the input is still active and my playing still triggers new sounds from that rackspace.

This is very easy to replicate. Create one rackspace with some distortion + reverb/delay and another one completely dry. Set the tail to something high, like 5-10 secs. Switch to the dry one and hear how your input is still active in the previous one.

Is there a way to automate killing any inputs in non-active rackspaces? This problem is really apparent when going from, say, a rythm to a lead rackspace. The audio tail time sees a doubling in volume due to both sets picking up on the input.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your kind words and WELCOME to our community!

Yes - we’re aware of the need to have separate control for the “audio input muting” that would work approximately the same way as the audio tail length does currently.

We have that feature on our list and it should be implemented at some point …

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Ok, thank you for the quick reply! Any ETA for that feature?

Also, to anyone here using GP on actual gigs, how do you circumvent this issue? I can’t be the only one that switches a patch while continously playing. Could this be done with scripting?

Unfortunately our policy is not to promise anything…

Just to clarify - the reason we don’t promise is because we don’t want our customers to buy our product in expectation of a feature that we might or might not be able to deliver at a specified date and then have the customer feel upset that they were encouraged to buy under false pretenses.

In the meantime, it probably wouldn’t be hard to use GPScript to respond to Activate and Deactivate callbacks inside of which it could unmute/mute appropriate inputs.


That’s very understandable. I just need to know I can get a working solution on this before I can buy GP. Where can I get started getting into scripting for GP? Specifically the workaround you’re describing here.

I’m somewhat familiar with simple scripting, like javascript and visual basic. Some of the code snippets I’ve seen on here looks like stuff I would be able to put together after a bit of research.

EDIT: I found this: Going Above and Beyond: GP Script
Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


I’m not in a position to do any serious testing but here’s an example of a gigfile that has two rackspaces, each one with a GainBalance plugin (with mute).
There is a GPScript in both of these rackspaces and these mute/unmute the gain control when you leave or enter the rackspace respectively.

Might help you get started

MuteUnmute.gig (9.3 KB)

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Thank you! I tried something very similar to that solution myself, but scripted a widget instead of the plugin directly. But that solution was a bit simpler, so I’m stealing that.

Btw, it seems that script is trying to press mute based on activation, but it should be the other way around.

I ended up using this instead:

   GainBalance : PluginBlock

On Activate
   SetParameter(GainBalance, 4, 0) //This should be 0, as in not-muted

On Deactivate
   SetParameter(GainBalance, 4, 1) //1 means mute

Now I just have to copy-paste this onto each rackspace and I’m good to go!

I’m thinking this auto-mute feature shouldn’t be hard to implement. I would like it to be a rackspace-based setting, underneath the audio tail setting. It could be named “Mute on rackspace change” and it should mute the “audio in” node on that particular rackspace.

Yes, a widget would be the usual way to do this, particularly if you wanted to be able to manually mute/unmute but given that you wanted it to be automatic, controlling the parameter directly seemed sufficient.

I regret that in our implementation for this feature (release date unknown) we did it the other way around :slight_smile:

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Haha, ok I think I’ll be able to live with that!

Thanks again for all your help. This script-solution works wonders! Also, it seems to have gotten rid of a weird effect where I can hear the echo of stuff I played a while ago when returning to a rackspace after a good while. Like the plugins would continue playing the last delays for some reason. But muting when deactivating fixed that!

What delay plugin are you using?
Normally a plugin should reset its buffers, when not it is a failure of the plugin.

And why stop there? Also grab a midi controllable pedal switcher and/or a midi controllable pedal to see how well you can integrate external pedals into your setup as well :wink:
Have fun with GP!

The Neural DSP-plugins (like the Plini one) has some really nice delays. You might be right in that this is an issue with those plugins. I haven’t heard this issue when using Guitar Rig 6.

Definitely something I’m considering! (once my wallet allows it)

Yes, some plugins don’t handle reset (they don’t consider use outside of a DAW) - we see this from time to time – you might want to reach out to Neural and report the issue, pointing out that the problem does not occur with other plugins.