Helix Native missing on each reboot

Subject tells all.
Whenever I open my laptop for the day, Helix is “missing”.
It instantly reappears when I swap plugins and select Helix Native, but it’s an annoyance. Does anyone know why this happens? So far, first time I have this experience with any plugins.

EDIT: Now it’s no longer letting me replace plugin with itself.So, it’s gone, though it shows up in the plugin list.

Mac or Windows?
AU or VST(3)?

I’d first reinstall the plugin and then in the Plugin Manager scan for new plugins.

Ops, sorry, windows 10, vst3.
Tried the reinstall, no joy…

I am on MacOS and have never experienced this with Native.

Have you just started using it? Has it always behaved this way?

No, it just started behaving like this. For a week or so now it’s been like I described, that I can replace the plugin with itself and it’s back, but just today (after writing this post) this doesn’t work either.
I reinstalled it, rescanned all plugins, still nothing. Trying a windows update here now.

Nothing after the win update either. It seams to work on my desktop, and it used to work fine on the laptop. Strange…
I’ve tried to go back to v 3.11, no difference. Also, desktop was on GP 4.1, worked fine, updated it to 4.5.8, still works fine. Different windows versions though. Laptop is win 11, could that be the culprit? Desktop is Win 10.

This is not a GP problem so changing its version will be useless. Your files seem to be disappearing and appearing. Is your automatic backup reverting your file system?

Whatever it is - GP is not the issue here.

Yeah, i figured its def not a gp issue, just wanted to check if anyine else experienced this kind of behaviour from helix, i guess ill make a clean windows install and start over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, its gettung stranger and stranger.
Today i reinstalled windows, all plugins and finally gig performer.
Still the same thing. However, after a while of testing i installed reaper. Helix opens fine there.

Some more testing, and i tried to open another instance of gp. I got a warning about not enough outputs on my audio device, i have never tried to open a new gp instance before, so i neither know why i would want to do that, or what the audio issue warning was about. Anyway, in the new instance, helix launched.

Does this open any doors?
Is there any gp pref file i could try to delete to be sure everything is at 0?

Helix works on my desktop, same version of gp.
It used to work on the laptop. Pulling my hair out in despair here…:smiley:

Did you use “factory reset” or completely format your hard drive and start from scratch?

I used the one from the windows settings “rollback PC”, I’n not sure what it’s called in English, I use a Norwegian language windows.
I chose the option where it downloads the installation files from the internet, then reboots and installs.

So no, I didn’t reformat the drive, could something be messing up from there? I mean the install looks clean, there are some “greyed out” folders with duplicate names, like programme files etc that looks like they may be from the previous installation. Aaaaargh, I don’t want to do all this again! Hehe…(I will if I have to obv…)

Yes, I’d go with a clean install. From scratch.

Ok…wiping the disk here now…will install soundcard drivers, helix then gig performer only then test…fingers crossed…

Yes, that’s how I would do it.
If that works - full backup.

Then setup everything else.
If that works - full backup as well.

Wow, it opened after a clean wipe and hours of install…thanks.

Now i need to figure out how to make an image of the system to be able to restore from if it goes south after installing the rest of the plugins…:slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if one of your other plugins installed a dll that conflicted with Helix?

I was 100% sure that reinstall will solve the problem. My guess was that a plugin or Windows Update messed up with some of the underlying system or shared libraries and consequently resulted in an odd behavior. That’s also the reason why “roll back” didn’t work.

Well, that’s lots easier because the Gig Performer team provided instructions :slight_smile:
You know that we have a Windows optimization guide that besides many optimization tips includes other useful stuff and best practices that people will find handy, i.e. backups: Create a full system backup of working configuration

More tips: FREE e-book by Deskew - Optimize your Windows PC for the stage!

NB: If you don’t want to use Microsoft tools, there are great free third-party tools, such as Macrium Reflect.