Helix Native 3.50 Crashes

I started using Helix Native 3.50 yesterday with Gig Performer 4.5.8
It is crashing Gig Performer. I have no issues with Helix Native 3.15
I can easily reproduce the crash in a few ways. One is to connect Helix Native
to a midi in device and any midi information (CC,PC etc) will crash Gig Performer.

I am seeing the crash happen while just using Helix Native 3.50 without midi control as well,
then the crashes happen randomly.

Again I am not seeing any issues with Helix Native 3.15.

Any advice on how I can trouble shoot this further?


Some details about your OS and plugin format would be helpful.

Good point, I apologize. Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

Helix Native 3.5 VST3

Helix Native 3.50 just came out yesterday. 3.15 is the previous version.

I only just installed it today (MacOS / VST3). I didn’t have any issues, but will test further with passing it midi.

Thank you. I created an empty gig file, added Helix Native 3.50 and connected it to midi and CRASH.
That is the simplest test I could do. I am using a presonus 1824c audio interface, not sure if that should matter as it was working fine with Helix Native 3.15

Just to throw in what i always do:
Have you tried if other plugin formats do also crash? Say, have you tried using the VST2?

I have not tried VST2 yet

The two plugin types for Mac (VST3/AU) are working fine for me when sending midi into the plugin.
Hopefully you’ll have more luck with VST2.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled Gig Performer and Helix Native 3.50, but VST3 is still crashing randomly and always when sending midi info.

VST2 is working properly.

VST3 works without crashing in Presonus Studio One, so something in the new VST3 is not
compatible with Gig Performer…

On Windows. It seems that on Mac it works just fine. Can you please report the issue to the developer?

I have opened up a ticket with Line 6. I will update you when I have feedback from them. When Gig Performer and a plugin don’t play nicely, how does one determine if the issue is with GP or the plugin developer?


When a crash occurs, please select What does this report contain?



Afterwards, click on the Export… button:



Give your report a meaningful name and save it in the desired folder:



Finally, attach this file here.

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Helix Native VST3 Crash.zip (20.7 KB)


Here is the crash dump that Helix Native VST3 is creating on my Win 10 OS system hosted by
Gig Performer 4.5.8 System is I7 7700K with 16gb ram


    <ExceptionModule>C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Line 6\Helix Native (x64).vst3</ExceptionModule>

Yep, Helix Native VST3 crashed.

If you created a support ticket at Line 6, it makes sense to send them the attached crash log.

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I have created a line 6 support ticket and am waiting to hear back from them,

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Line 6 basically said they don’t support compatibility with gig performer and can’t offer a resolution.

At least you have this as a working option. It tends to be a common outcome with some plugins: one format will work, another won’t.

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Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message:

HI Charles,

I am sorry, but we do not have an answer on this. The engineers said that we have never tested our stuff with Gig Performer, but it should work if it deals with standard VST plugins.

One thing you can look at which has caused issues with some of our software is turning off core memory integrity.

How to Turn Core Isolation Memory Integrity On or Off in Windows 10 & 11 - MajorGeeks.

You can reply directly to this email and your response will be added to your ticket, as will an attachments you include. To view your ticket, click here: Line 6

If you do not reply to the ticket within 14 days, it will automatically be closed. If it closes, you can open the ticket again by replying to it within 90 days.

  • Line 6 Customer Service

OK - that’s a little different than outright saying they don’t support Gig Performer — I will reach out to them.


Thank you!