Heavy gig file

Hi, I am trying to resolve a problem with GigPerformer crashing on me. When I open up my latest gig file, I can follow the loading process (about 20 rackspaces) and simultaneously I monitor the memory load with the Task Manager (in Windows 10). The load seem to go up and down depending on which rackspace is currently loading. On a successful load it uses up to 97% of the available memory (8GB). Quite often, however, GigPerformer crashes during loading.

My question is whether the crash could be due to an unfortunate peak in memory load during the loading phase? Is that what would happen if the available memory is not enough? I tried the Predictive loading option, but then GigPerformer crashes upon loading of individual rackspaces instead, so it does not solve my issue.

I dont know how memory is utilized (in GigPerformer or any other software for that matter). Perhaps having a litte better understanding could aid me in optimizing my rackspaces to avoid this issue. For example I dont understand why the load goes up and down when loading different rackspaces, instead of accumulating as more and more rackspaces are loaded… Perhaps someone can explain this to me.

Did someone had the same issue? I would be grateful for some help, before I upgrade the memory to 16GB (which perhaps is not the solution).

With kind regards,
Magnus Sidborn

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Did you try predictive load?

Yes I tried that too. But then GP crashes upon the Predictive loading of certain rackspaces instead.

Ok, that is a hint.
Do you have a crash report?
Seems there is an issue with a plugin.

I have sometimes used the “Send report” after a crash. Is there a crash log file saved automatically somewhere?

On Mac it is shown automatically, on windows I do not know.

I saw now that I can click click on view and export and I get a xml file with a description:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 450d6ed5-37e9-4570-ac30-2fefdcafa1be Gig Performer 4 4.5.8 C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4\GigPerformer4.exe Windows 10 Home Build 19044 1 en-se 2022-07-05T19:37:40Z 0x7ffa2fb92da6 C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Pure Synth Platinum.vst3 0x7ffa2f8b0000 11 155 1639 4653520

It mentions an exception for Pure Synth Platinum.vst3. Could that vst be faulty somehow?

Yes, could be.
Please disable that plugin in plugin manager and restart go and load your gig file again.

Ok! This time the gig file loaded without errors (although it takes quite a few minutes). I should try to reinstall the Pure Synth Platinum i suppose, or replace the sounds so something else. Still, should I be concerened that the Task Manager shows 97% memory usage?

I would upgrade memory or use predictive load

Ok, thanks a lot for your help Paul! Having these kinds of intermittent problems two weeks before a gig, and not knowing what is the cause, is worrysome.

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Can you just try the VST version instead of VST3?

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More memory is always the solution for better performance with Windows! GP or not.

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No, Gig Performer wouldn’t crash. It would use the Page File as virtual memory.

So, you have 8 GB of RAM and your setup uses 97% of that RAM. What would I do if I were you:

1. Upgrade RAM
I think that today 8 GB of RAM is the very minimum that people should go with. Additional 8 GB of RAM is highly recommended.

2. Optimize your PC
If you currently don’t have time or money, I’d definitely suggest that you optimize your PC (e.g. to free up unneeded RAM, increase virtual memory, …). Our free guide will help you in that journey.

3. Make wise choices to rackspaces
Read this blog article to learn more.

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Thanks, just upgraded to 32GM and seems its running much much more smoothly now!

Thanks Nemanja. I just upgraded to 32GB RAM and that alone made a huge difference. I now fit the entire gig using a bit more than 20GB of RAM. And thanks also for mentioning the Page File. I did not quite understand how virtual memory is handled so I had to read a bit on how it works. Turns out that my Page File was set to my secondary D: drive for some reason (which is a much slower mechanical drive than the main SSD). So I changed this setting, now using the C: SSD for the page file.
The gig file now runs so much more smoothly with the upgraded RAM. I will now also swap the slow secondary mechanical drive to a SSD with some more space. That way I’m hoping to also reduce the loading time (since many of my vst libraries are on the HDD now).
Thanks for all help, this was a huge relief as I wasn’t too keen on buying a new computer!



Imagine if you have such a problem a day before a gig!

This is why we wrote an article a long time ago recommending that one should never make any changes within a few weeks of a gig so that if there is a problem, there’s plenty of time to figure it out.

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