Hanging notes on Gig Performer, please help

Ok, I did. Only note on and note off messages. All ok. When I stop playing, it stops. No ALL NOTE OFF messages.

Yes, they all send midi to the same plugin but I cannot play them simultaneously.

Line 6, is the audio interface, sends midi messages, basic, to GP
Vmini, little piano,
Nano pad, little surface control
Teensy midi, a theremin.

They work ok, no hanging notes.

Thank you guys, I will try to advance somehow.

Dear friends,

Re - installed GP3. Made a TEST 1 gig only with one instrument.

Still getting hanging notes. So sad.

I enclose my file, for if you can suggest anything.

Thank you again.

Test 1.gig (6.8 KB)

Ok, forget GP for a moment. Let’s do some careful tests.

  1. If instead you run that external MIDI monitor and play your instrument, does it show all note off events arriving? Can you also post a screenshot?

  2. If the above shows all events are properly arriving, then quit that monitor, run GP with an empty gig, open the global midi monitor and again check, does it show that all note off events are arriving into Gig Performer? Can you also post a screenshot

  3. If everything is still working, then, again just starting with that empty gig, insert a MIDI monitor plugin and connect the MIDI in (Omni) plugin to it. Open that monitor plugin window. Do all the events show there? Again, please post a screenshot.

Let’s start with the above

Also, what driver are you using with your interface?

Thank you.

I use my HX Stomp Line 6 driver.

As you can see in the picture, 4 note on messages and only 3 note off, so the note keeps playing.

This is an empty new gig. I am playing only with one instrument and one midi in and out.

If I play outside GP (standalone), I get 4 notes on and 4 notes off, no problem.

Thank you very much for your support, it is really appreciated.

Regards, dhj.

Sigh…you responded to item 3 on my list. Where are your responses to items 1 and 2?

Sorry I have no external midi monitor

Can you download and install such a tool?

A free one was linked above:
MIDIView - Free MIDI Monitor tool for Win & Mac

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Thank you. I have not monitored midi messages outside GP but I have observed that I, occasionally get hanging notes in the standalone synth. Much more often in GP, but, seems GP is not the problem.

I´m stuck here, a bit tired of fighting against machines…:slight_smile:

Any suggestion will be very helpfult.

Again, can you monitor outside of GP with a specialized woollike mentioned above?
Just to be sure.

I used Midiview monitor. Thanks.

Something surprising, I guess, midi messages are continuously sending. Although everything is off (GP) and softsynths, even if I press CLEAR.

Is this normal?. What is MESSAGE f8 ?


Well, I checked one thing more. Connected Midiview to my guitar synth (ROLAND SY1000), which is the origin of my midi messages, the result is the same. Non stop f8 messages coming out.

What is this?


f8 are midi clock messages, can you disable that on your ROLAND?

Ok, I just did it but the situation is the same.
Turned off clock.

ok. it stopped when I turned off the master clock in a previous midi device
now the screen is clear

OK, but you see again missing Note Off messages in your standalone MIDI monitor?