Hanging notes on Gig Performer, please help

Hi, folks.

I am desperate trying to find a solution.

I get hanging notes when playing chords that make impossible normal playing.

This does not happen playing softsynth standalone like Massive or TyrellN6 on Windows 10.

Tried everything in GP menu.

Thank you very much for your advice. :slight_smile:


Please review this information for how to get help from the community - your problem as posted does not provide any information from which we can help you diagnose the issue (which we are certain is not due to Gig Performer itself)


Thank you.

I am running a roland midi guitar through a line 6 HX Stomp. The midi out goes to a pc windows 10 where i use Gig Performer 3.8.

Notes run smoothly on standalone versions of Massive, Kontakt or TyrellN6 but not on GP.

I inserted a midi monitor in the presets an some NOTE OFF messages are not detected by GP.

Any suggestion, please …

Thank you.


Did you check the global MIDI Monitor Window?

Thank you pianopaul. I checked and I saw that sometimes there is no NOTE OFF message, which causes the hanging note.

So no wonder.
But why does it work with Massive or Kontakt Standalone?

Do you use the same MIDI interface with GP and Kontakt Standalone?

And are you playing the same song ?

Yes, the same configuration.

I like GP because I have several presets, controlled by external midi pedalboard. If I run standalone synths I lose GP control and cannot change presets via pedalboard.

It is a pity.


You could download V4 and try if the same happens.

I would but, any hope to solve the problem ? :relaxed:

Do you recommend to update in this case ?

Well, it’s not really the same configuration - since plugins are different than standalone. There’s no magic here — something is not configured properly.

Yes, I agree but I have cancelled the rest of midi inputs and the problem persists.

Midi channel is ok. No other restrictions. Dont know what else :worried:

Thank you

Do you have a Midi Monitor App to see if NOTE Off messages are missing?
Can you upload a small gig file showing the issue?

Yes, exactly, when no Note off message is received, logically, I get a hanging note.

Do you recommend to upgrade to v4 ?

Before you upgrade just download and test.
And for my check, can you upload a small gig file?

This is my first time at this forum. Do you mean uploading a gig file here ? Maybe you could have a lo8k ? Excellent.

How can I?

Really helpful. Thanx.

Yes, upload it here using this icon
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-14 um 20.26.59

General(2).gig (828.4 KB)

Cannot open that

Thank you pianopaul.

Let me know if you see anything that helps.