Hammond B-3X Chorus/Vibrato question

I just successfully set up a Gig in which I mapped all my widgets to my Nord Stage 3 Compact controls. The issue I’m experiencing is that when I toggle the Chorus/Vibrato button on the Nord to select C3, it’s selecting V1 in the plugin, V1 selects C1, C1 selects V3, V2 selects C2 and C3 selects V3. I looked at the MIDI controllers page in B-3X to see what CC’s the Chorus/Vibrato found out that there are only 2 settings pertaining to C/V. One is Vibrato type with is set to CC 38 and Chorus C1 On which is set to CC52. The manual has nothing that relates to this.
Anyone B-3X users have any suggestions?

Why do you not use host automation?

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I’m not sure what you mean. Pls explain

He means—in GP you can map the Vibrato and Chorus parameter of B-3X to a widget, then learn the MIDI operation of that widget to the buttons/knobs on your Nord.

Sorry if I haven’t explained it correctly. I have mapped a widget in my rack to the Vibrato and Chorus parameter in B-3X. Moving the widget is moving the V/C knob in B-3X as expected. The V/C button on the Nord is mapped to the widget. Subsequent button selects on the Nord show the widget AND the V/C knob in B-3X responding. The issue I’m experiencing is that when I select C3 on the Nord, the B-3X is switching to V1. To select C3 in B-3X requires me to select the V3 setting on the Nord via the button select. Looking at the V/C knob in B-3X, it looks like the state of the V/C button on the Nord is always one “step” back in what position the V/C knob is set at in B-3X. I hope this explains my issue a little better… I know that I must be missing some step in this process.

Sorry for my understanding,
are you using a knob in the Nord and parameter in bx-3 is not changed as desired?

Seems to be some kind of “start to count at 0 or 1” issue…

Can you upload a small gig with the widget and Hammond plugin?
And how looks the global midi monitor when you press the button on your Nord?
And I do not understand how to control this parameter by a button?
you need a knob

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I can do that later this afternoon. I didn’t encounter this issue when I was using Blue3. I was using the same Nord button to scroll between the V/C settings.

Hammond B-3X Default.gig (193.9 KB)

I had the same issue with my numa organ and the b3x where the C/V knob wasn’t lining up or selecting things in the same sequence on the hardware as in the software.

I used a text widget and mapped that to the same parameter so it would display in the panel which version of chorus/vibrato I was on and I ignored the knob widget values (hid them).

FWIW… the XK-5 knob does work in sync with the B3-X software but that’s because Hammond has all the NRPN values talking between the hardware and software 1:1… which is why I might suppose the B3-X doesn’t sync up with ‘third party’ controllers natively when it comes to this control.

I’ve never mapped a text widget. Can you explain it like you’re talking to a 9yr old?:confounded:

How looks your global midi monitor window, when you press the butto; on your nord?

This is what consecutive button presses through the 6 V/C modes look like.

No image?


That’s what the Nord is sending when I press the button in the V/C area.

Can you export your Rig Manager and upload the file?

I simulated sending the CC values from a different source - Ableton Live
And it is working fine
Sending CC 26
Value 0 selects C-1
Value 26 selects V-2
Value 51 selects C-2
Value 77 selects V-3
Value 102 selects C-3
Value 127 selects V-1

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Having a problem with that. I export the rig to my desktop, but when I attempt to attach it in an email, I get this message:
Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 9.33.32 AM