Guitar synthesist new to GP seeking advice

Hi everyone! I’m a guitar synth player that began with the ARP Avatar, in the late 70’s. Since I’m new to GP, I have a basic question concerning exp pedals, control switches, etc., to use as control for any widgets I decide on. For instance, if I decide to use up to 4 exp pedals, for various widget purposes, what would be the way to connect them to my MacBook Pro? For instance, here is a link to an interface for pedals and switches to be converted to midi. Is there a better piece, or is anyone using this brand? MIDI Expression
My original goal in utilizing GP, was to replace my Kemper, Boss SY1000, and Roland GR30, and GP looks like it’s the way to go, as I did purchase it, but since I’m just getting started, thought I would reach out to the users here to see what is being used from those with experience with similar hardware, Since I must use an audio interface for the laptop, early on, I’m leaning toward the SY1000 as the interface, as I’m not aware of anything else that provides guitar modeling, especially when using alternate tunings, and it opens a lot of options as an interface for separate strings (in DAW interface mode). I’ve started using it as such, and I must say the basic sound through GP and some reverb plug-ins, etc. is stunning. In fact I may actually consider selling my Kempers(2). The SY has only two controller inputs, but midi can be assigned to practically any parameter. Any suggestions for this GP beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

@thebrushwithin See my post below

I use three midi expression pedals connected to a Morningstar controller. (Pictures in the attached)

The only thing you will really lose in this setup in alternate tunings but to me its worth it to not have to carry an extra hardware device.

Midi Guitar 2 is the way to go. As regards synth tones, I like the Roland ones (Roland Cloud Manager) and the Arturia ones. The Rolands are close to what you are used to. Hit me up if you want to pursue this. I’m pretty familiar with it now.


Thanks! One of the only reasons I lean toward the SY hardware as the USB interface is, since my guitar is a Moog, I need the pickup modeling, mainly because the natural sounds of the Moog pickups are not very good sounding, and the SY is not much larger than many audio interfaces. Your offer to help is very much appreciated, and I may very well check with, when I get far enough to have more questions. The Morningstar MC8, which has those Omni ports, has definitely been on my radar.

As far as Midi Guitar 2 goes, should I be using the vast version or the standalone?

I would use ALL plug ins. Gig performer can control all of them so best to have everything inside of there.

I use Macs so I use the AU versions but I’m sure the VSTs are fine too. In fact I think many prefer them because they are cross compatible.

…and by the way the MIDI expression units are great too. I think you will find though that if you go all software, you will want a foot controller to change song parts, tuner, turn on and off effects etc. The Morningstar units are great!


Ah. I didn’t realize it was a Moog Guitar. The beauty of Midi Guitar 2 is it works on a regular guitar (no hex) and the tracking is pretty impressive. But I get why you would go SY-1000. I was disappointed in it as I thought it could be an upgrade to the GR55 and while it is in many ways, there are no PCM tones. I wish Roland would do something in that space as it’s been over 10 years now I think. I have many guitars with hex pickups though Midi Guitar 2 could render those guitars obsolete.

Hi @thebrushwithin, welcome to the GP community forum.

This works well, and even if I am not a guitarist, I am sure you could find some more polished solution for guitarists starting from the low cost controller behringer fcb1010.

Thank you David! Yes the FCB1010 has been a mainstay for my hardware rig, I’m just going to try only exp pedals as continuous controllers, this time, and change patches with with my Midi I/o app on an iPad, and maybe my Guitar Wing. For Midi guitar 2, is it better to get the vast version, or the standalone?

Check out this tip: [blog] Clever ways to optimize your plugin usage - #2 by npudar

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I find that if I put Midi Guitar 2 in the Global Rackspace and set up the appropriate Global Parameters I can make the necessary adjustments by rackspace. This seems to work well also

Standalone seems a bit snappier and responsive to me, especially for Midi Bass. Although the difference is small and could be imaginary.
Standalone does help spread cpu load to more cores, as npudar’s link explains.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 7.35.36 pm

you can even use a bunch of them, but you will need to check the patch and interface settings are correct.

on my shopping list!
@tonycore speaks highly of their stuff

Maybe Pacer from Nektar suits your needs. It’ s a sturdy fully programmable unit with 10 programmable switches, connections for two expression pedals, four more external switches and offers two relayed outputs. Each switch can send up to six cc’s at a time or step through up to six different functions. So one expression pedal consequential can setve as a wah, volume, vibrato,… A second expression pedal can be asdigned to six more finctions ( or less).

Yes, I use MG2 in standalone mode, it’s fantastic and I am eagerly awaiting MG3 which should have some nifty improvements. And I also have 2 MIDI Expression boxes that are invaluable to me.

PS this is an edit! I accidentally wrote that I use MG2 as a plug-in, and just realized it now, a few hours later.

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