[GP3] Sporadic change program error using setlist/song mode


sporadically it happens that in setlist / song mode on GP 3, it sends too many program changs, thus going to recall incorrect rackspaces.
The variation of the program change is performed by the external synt Korg TR76.

Unfortunately I can not systematically reproduce the anomaly.

I am attaching an image in which you can see that 3 program changes are sent consecutively.

I thank you in advance for your interest.


What version of GP3? v3.0.??


3.0.43 and 3.0.45


I’m not sure I understand. These are Program Change messages coming from your Korg into GP right? I must be missing something because you said that GP sends these PC messages?


The setup foresees that the korg TR 76 functions as master keyboard (in COMBI mode) and sound generator, so the program changes will change them from the synt.
As you can see from the attached image, when I change PCs, the following instructions are sent in the order:
CC 0
CC 32
Program Change

sometimes the CC 80 is present because the Combi has an active setting on this CC (SW 1 key of the Korg).

In the image in the first post there are 3 consecutive Program changes.

The midi configurations in GP for the Set mode are as follows:
Next Song -> Using global Up / Down assignments
Previous Song -> Using global Up / Down assignments
Next Song Part -> TR: Controller 81, Channel 1
Previous Song Part -> TR: c0 19, Channel 1

Korg TR configuration, Midi Global Channel = 01

Maybe I partially solved the problem when I noticed that some TR COMBIs have configured for the 2 Switch the parameter CC 81 which is exactly the one configured in the midi settings of GP
Next Song Part -> TR: Controller 81, Channel 1
I have therefore modified this parameter in
Next Song Part -> TR: c0 20, Channel 1

The first configuration with CC 81 I had done using the “Learn MIDI for selected item” function, and obviously changing the combi from the TR using the “INC” key of Synt, the last message sent was not that of the c0 20 but precisely the CC 81.

I do some tests and I’ll let you know.

I do not explain why the anomaly of the first image is not systematic.

I hope I have been clearer.

Thanks in advance for the support.


The CC0 and CC32 are bank select messages, then there is the PC message and finally your keyboard is sending a SysEx message ( the F0 one).

It all seems ok to me as far as the data is concerned. Not sure how you configured your GP to react. As you mentioned - maybe you figured out what is going on, but if not… please try to explain what is the actual problem in as little text as possible.
If it is something you can reproduce - please send step by step instructions on how to do it so that someone else can try it.

If you think this is now solved - please make sure you mark this as “Solved”.

Thank you.


I suspect you have Gig Performer configured to respond to program changes on all devices — if that’s the case, then any time you change a combo on the Kronos, the Kronos will send tons of program changes out, and GP will respond.


I sent the second image to show what GP shows when I make only the sound change from Korg, and you can see that there are never 3 consecutive Program Chang instructions (as present in the first image sent).

Unfortunately I have never been able to reproduce the anomaly deliberately.
I’m not sure the problem is solved, I try it again for a couple of days.

thank you very much for your support.


I am attaching the image of the midi configuration.
This is the configuration that I have always kept.

Thank you for your support.


OK I’m a bit confused now. Exactly what is the problem? Your Korg TR is sending out multiple program changes and Gig Performer is responding to each of them. What am I missing?


I think it’s a GIG problem, when using the setlist / song mode, because in rackspace mode it never happened to me.


Again, what exactly is not working? I can’t figure out from previous posts.


Excuse me if I’m unclear, the problem is that when there is an anomaly, an incorrect rackspace is called.


Which rackspace is called? What makes it incorrect?


If your controller sends three PC messages (song / rackspace changes) instantly there’s bound to be issues.
Please make sure your controller is sending proper and relevant MIDI messages - e.g. if you want to send Program Change 5 - then your controller should send PC5 only unless it’s always sending LSB/MSB in which case this PC message may be preceded by CC0 and CC32 with a value of 0


I do not remember well if it was the action of switching from the PC from 68 to 69 or if from 69 to 70 that led me to find myself at PC 2 (reference to the first image)


Angelo, are you able to reliably reproduce this problem? If so, please tell us the steps needed so we can try to reproduce the issue ourselves.


Unfortunately, the anomaly occurs casually, I can not reproduce it.


Can you make sure your controller send only one PC message at a time?


In the second image I sent, I made only PC changes from the korg. Can it be okay? In case it is not enough, how should I check it? Thank you so much for the support.