[GP3] Sporadic change program error using setlist/song mode


Yes - that should work ok. It seems to be sending the two LSB/MSB messages and then the program change.

That’s perfectly ok and should work properly.

What is the actual problem that you have if your controller is working like this?


When there is an anomaly, an incorrect rackspace is called.
I do not remember if it was the action to go from the PC from 68 to 69 or if from 69 to 70 that led me to find myself at PC 2 (reference to the first image)


Yes - that is what I would expect. Looking at your image - your TR controller sent

PC 69
PC 19
PC 2

one after the other in a very short time (all within 50ms). Of course - after this is done - PC 2 is going to be the last one sent.

Your controller seems to have some kind of “macro” defined when you press certain buttons that send multiple PC messages at once. You need to figure out how to reproduce the problem reliably to be able to even begin to try to find out what’s wrong.


In particular, Gig Performer is working perfectly, responding to all the program changes being sent to it!


I had the opportunity to make further checks and I found that some combi could recall the CC that I had configured for the next song so changing the wheel or the knob associated with the CC of the next song meant that there was a change of song.

The anomaly did not occur using the rackspace page because I had not configured the keys for the prev and next song.

Thank you so much for your patience and for helping me to solve the problem.


Glad it’s all working for you now.


I am also happy for you Angelo that it works now. But while reading this threat I also was wondering who is sending what and what exactly is the issue/abnormality? So this is only a general note on MIDI issues with external Masterkeyboards.

I’m not aware of the Midi/Master details of the Kronos but maybe it’s similar: I’m using a Motiv FX as an external Masterkeyboard. And I also struggled with some midi issues during my first Master keyboard configuration steps. The motif provides eight zones to configure midi messages to be sent to other devices each time the master configuration (= a song) is selected. So I use these zones to switch rack spaces and variations with bank select and program change messages each time I switch to another song (e.g. during a live show). And I also use zones to configure e. g. the channel volumes for the Vst plugins used in that rackspace. Since the MOTIF XF sends this midi messages in the order of the zones enumeration (1…8) it is important to use the first zone (used for GP e.g. 1) for rackspace switching (Bank select + PC) and then, after the rackspace is selected, further higher master zones (2…) to configure other parameters, which do relate to channels (sounds of vst plugins) within that rackspace (e.g. CC 7 for Volume). If you do not follow this order then all midi configuration messages are overwritten bei every program change message sent later (by higher number zones). Of course Gig performer must be configured for receiving tha bank select and program change messages for Rackspace switching on the corresponding midi channel (e.g. 1).

BR, Markus


For what it’s worth, I have long ago gotten away from the notion of using zones in a controller. I just have the entire keyboard set to channel 1 and I let Gig Performer do all the splits, routing, sending of MIDI program changes to other devices, etc.


Hi Markus and dhj,
unfortunately it happened to me other times, to change program change performed by Korg TR 76, to find myself on a list / song not voluntarily requested.

In the end I decided not to use the next and prev (I deactivated them, probably the configuration of some Combi go to intervene on C0 19 or C0 20, parameters used properio for the next and prev of the songs / list)
Thinking about it though, I do not need this feature since both the rackspace and the song / list I call them directly via the numbered keypad from the INC and DEC keys of the korg.
GP performs all the rest, configuration of the vst instruments and configuration of the parameters (eg CC 07 volume) of the Korg.


Hi dhj,

I know what you mean and I was also thinking about that. But I use these 8 Zones to setup either the MOTiF internally in a multitimbral mode (multiple different internal sounds on some midi channels), as well as configuring a split point for 1…3 keyboard split zones on a second older roland keybord (JV90) used as a second midi controller keyboard only (no sound generator, sounds are not state of the art for decades) and finally to use GP in order to play keyscape, omnisphere and VB3 sounds on a 3rd group of midi channels.

Without GP this is exactly the setup I have been using for many many years and I’m trusting to be fail save. Now I’m very new to GP and VST. In order to still be highly fail save I use VST and GP like a kind of “Add On” to my old system architecture, which can be replaced easily by additional MOTIFs internal sounds in case of technical issues durig a gig.

Of course during a gig I have a backup copy of the Laptops internal SSDs which I can use for replacement in case of system chrashes. A migration to a 100% VST / GP based setup needs some time for getting more experienced on this new technology and its robustness.

The other thing is I have sound setups configured for more than 400 songs I’m playing in some bands. So this workflow allows for a slow and smooth transition of my setup and its sound programming from a 100% DAW to a 100% VST based system.


Over the last 2-3 years or so, I’ve personally gone in the opposite direction. I don’t worry about GP itself failing on stage but I do worry about the computer itself going bad (not booting, drive issues, etc) but rather than carrying synths, I just carry a spare laptop.

All that zone stuff can be done easily in GP, you can use multiple MIDI Out blocks, each on a different MIDI channel, connected to your multi-timbral synth and then the splitting/layering gets handled by multiple MIDI In blocks.

But yes, it’s a paradigm shift, no question. Ironically, someone was complaining on Facebook the other day that modern keyboard controllers didn’t support splitting/zones and of course the answer is they don’t need to because the software does it.


Yes ok, I understand why you have to write this and there may be a lot of reasons and business requirements pointing to this or that direction. I have made clear which are mine and I can’t consider any other direction as a more suitable one for me.

If today I could start from scratch…forget all the hardware I have bought/used in the past, all the work spent to build setlists and soundset programming, all the knowledge I have gained regarding workflows on that and if my business would be willing to give me another 12+ month for evaluation, then I would start everything from scratch and may be follow (more or less) your direction. But this discussion is very much a personal and individual thing, and not the reason why we are here?

But finally let me say, GP is definitely a great software and I’ve been waiting for it for many many years (last not least because I dont wanna follow the Apple way!). So thanks guys for providing GP to the world!