Gp with ik Syntronic


any of you guys using Syntronic with GP, it’s not responding to pitch change coming from midi guitar 2, wonding if it works with keys, or what i’m missing


I am using syntronic will check and come back to you.


love the synths, some of’m crash gp, just need to get the pitch wheel turning, you can’t assign cc’s to the pitch wheel, just other places, thu, it should just work, all my other synths do


Which version of GP?




You should upgrade at least to the newest version 2.X


just upgraded to gp3, now, Syntronic just crashes, how do i go back to gp2 :frowning:



UPDATE: restarted the computer, no more crashes using gp3, and the pitch bends are now working :slight_smile:


So are you saying that you ignored the recommendation to reboot after installing GP3?

We wanted to REQUIRE such a reboot on Windows and multiple users asked us not to but my sense is that you generally have to reboot Windows in such cases.


ha, sorry, never saw that note, i succesfully loaded about 30 presets before my first crash, this is after reboot, my internet conection was disabled so the report didn’t go thru, i’ll make sure it’s on for the next one


i just sent 2 reports, 1st was syntroic crash, 2nd was sample tank crash, hope it helps find whats wrong


i just found new audio drivers for my line 6 helix, which i use for an interface, installed and tried again, same crashes thu, reports sent



As suspected. Your crashes are happening inside the Syntronik and SampleTank plugins. The last two were Synktronik and one before that was SampleTank![vst3|523x63]
I can see that both are VST3 versions so maybe try VST2 version os those plugins and see if they’re any better.
Other than that - feel free to contact the makers of these plugins with the addresses from the images below.




how do i switch from vst3 to vst2… thanx


i sent those i
mages to ik multimedea


Right click on the plugin and replace it with a VST version of it from the menu of your plugins.
If you do not see the VST version - you either did not install it or you installed it in a folder that is not on the list of your VST2 folders.


Some companies no longer include VST2 versions


vst 2’s both failed inspection in gp3, i rescanned, and syntronic passed this time, not sample tank, but is even more crashy than the vst3 version