GP Selector: Song and Rackspace Selector Extension

This was the first extension I created, but it didn’t have its own topic here in the forum.
I have just updated it to work with Gig Performer 5 (no new features). The extension files can be downloaded from the Releases page on GitHub.



An extension for Gig Performer that provides an additional resizable window for selecting rackspaces/variations or songs/parts. It has two display modes: a compact list of rackspaces/songs, or an expanded window with a large display of the current and previous/next rackspace or song.

The visibility of the window can also be controlled via widgets (e.g. it could be triggered by an external MIDI controller).

The variations and song parts can have custom colours defined via a preferences file (based on keywords). Further details are listed on the GitHub readme.


Thank you so much! bye Harry


Awesome :beers:

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