GP Crashes When Trying to Delete a Rackspace

I have a rackspace in GP 5 containing a Roland Zenology VST3 synth plugin. For whatever reason, loading that particular plugin takes about 60 seconds each time GP 5 starts up. It shouldn’t take that long, but it does. I decided I wanted to replace the Zenology plugin with another plugin that loads faster and also has similar sounds. Unfortunately, I cannot do ANY of the following actions because each of them cause GP 5 to immediately freeze or crash:

  • delete the rackspace containing the Zenology plugin
  • remove the plugin within the rackspace in the wiring view
  • replace the plugin with another plugin in the wiring view

It doesn’t matter if I click bypass on the plugin first or remove all midi and audio connections from it.

So here are two questions:

  1. Is a more stable version of GP 5 in the works, and if so, how soon can we expect it to be released (I realize this is a loaded question because no two machine configurations are the same and it would be impossible for you to know if any given fix will alleviate my particular situation, but I certainly hope there is active bug removal and stability work being done on this otherwise fine product)
  2. Is there a file I can edit manually outside of Gig Performer to remove this plugin or its rackspace?

I’d really like the techs at Deskew Development or any highly proficient and knowledgeable user out there to chime in on this issue and help me. It would be very, very appreciated. Thank you!


I would just chime it that the issue is almost certainly Zenology, rather than GP. So, I suspect the request for a “more stable version of GP 5” is not quite on the mark.

But, I am just one of many GP users. I will leave this to more knowlegeable people. (I suspect they will ask for a crash report).

You can disable the plugin and then safely remove it.
You can read about it in this thread:

Most likely it’s because it’s probably trying to phone home and you have to wait until it either finishes or gives up.

It could be. It’s such a great plugin. I’d hate to have to forfeit using it just because GP & Zenology can’t get along with each other. I wonder if Roland and Deskew Technologies can work together a little on this. Zenology is an amazing arsenal of sounds and Gig Performer is an amazing vst platform. Effort is needed on both sides to make them play together harmoniously.

Thank you. I’ll try that. But honestly, in the long run, I want to be able to use my amazing Zenology vst in Gig Performer.

Is there a way to blacklist or exclude certain subfolders within my vst plugins folder so Zenology won’t load? It’s not even showing up on my list for me to disable it. It says laoding failed. Also, is there a way for me to edit my rackspaces outside of GIg Performer to remove the troubled rackspace?

It has nothing particularly to do with GP. We have no control over what a plugin does and unfortunately if it misbehaves, it can bring down the whole system. We need to see the crash report to confirm the problem.

This has already been answered earlier in the thread.
Hold the shift key down while starting GP and wait for the startup dialog where you can GP to TEMPORARILY not load the last gig file. Then open the Plugin Manager and disable the plugin.
Quit GP and start again and now the failing rackspace should load (without the broken plugin)

Zenology needs to be connected to internet every one or two weeks to check if you paid subscription. I don’t know the exact situation now because I had same problem and decided to wipe out Zenology from my system some months ago. It is an extremely idiot way of protecting the software because it asks you to connect their app every week to keep the system working. If you forget to do that you have the problems you mentioned.
If you like Zenology, check your account every week. The app for checking is named Roland Cloud.
I decided to use only apps who don’t bother me.
I pay and I need my system to be stable. Paying to have a timer bomb every week is nonsense.


Thank you!

I’ve used it and have always been connected tot he internet and have gone into the Roland Cloud Manager to check for updates (there are none). It’s had plenty of opportunity to phone home. I’ve not been using my computer offline or anything like that. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

And until you provide us with a crash report, we can’t answer that either :slight_smile:

I’ve been in and out and didn’t know how to access my crash report. I figured it out now and have it, but this platform won’t let me upload it yet because I’m a new user. Is there another way I can send it over? I created the crash report a few minutes ago when I tried replacing my Zenology VST 3 plugin with a known safe plugin, namely, my Triton VST 3 plugin, and GP crashed. By the way, the suggestion of pushing shift while GP loads and then disabling the Zenology plugin didn’t work. It may sound strange, but even though I can use the Zenology plugin within GP 5, it doesn’t show up on my list of plugins whether or not I bypass the loading of my rackspaces at startup. When I go to the plugin manager and search for Zenology, there are plugins that start with Z (or contain Roland). But an entry for a failed plugin attempt does show up under Zenology. But that can’t be disabled. Only removed from the list. But doing that does nothing to keep GP from crashing when I try to delete or replace the Zenology VST or delete the rackspace that contains it. I asked the question if there’s a way of me editing the file outside of Gig Performer and removing the rackspace manually. No one seems to have told me a way that can be done quite yet. Thank you everyone for your time and consideration!

Can you give me uploading privileges? I want to upload my crash report but that’s not available to me because I’m a new user in this forum.

There is, by editing the gig file itself in a good text editor like Notepad ++ or the like. You have to know what you’re looking for though, and be very careful about what you do in that file. This isn’t an officially supported way to address these kinds of issues, so I would suggest making a copy of the file and editing that copy. That way if something gets deleted that makes the gig file unusable, you’ll be protected.

What is the file extension?

Done .

Thanks. When I get home tonight I’ll upload it. It’s the zip file created by Gig Performer when it crashed, with two smaller files in it (an xml file and some kind of binary file).

Yes, the other one is the crash.dmp

Depending on what is in the xml file will determine what needs to be done to debug