GP CPU jumps on battery

The CPU in GP jumps to 100% when unplugged (on battery) and goes down immediately upon plugging it on AC power. I’ve optimized my win 10 for audio according to the PDF recommended by GP. Created an “ultimate performance mode” just like it said and in the advanced power settings, followed the recommended settings. So everything is set to perform the same on battery as plugged in. There should be no difference.

Besides the obvious audio stuttering (due to CPU at 100%) I can also notice a slight difference in brightness of the display, yet as I said, everything is set to be always max performance and brightness. Somewhere, some setting is still being changed obviously. What’s causing the CPU spike on battery?

What is the ‘Graphics engine’ set to in the GP Options > Display tab?
I know on MacBooks it can automatically switch to not use the dedicated graphics card if you are on battery. Might be something similar on yours?

It was set to “software renderer”. I just tried the only other option (OpenGL renderer) and the behavior is the same.

Do you get similar behaviour in any other apps?
Does it happen only when unplugging while GP is running? Or if GP is first closed when you unplug, and then you open it, do you get the high CPU again?

I should have clarified, I was referencing the CPU monitor in GP, not the PC itself. The PC’s CPU changes minimally compared to inside GP. For example, the PC’s CPU goes from 14% to 16%, while at the same time in GP jumps from 60% to 100% just by unplugging the AC power cord.

Ah ok. Maybe it’s a plugin then. It might be some trial and error to rule out if it’s a particular plugin misbehaving if something changes. Do you know if your laptop switches between dedicated GPU and internal graphics when it’s switched to battery?

where do I check that? In the advanced power and battery settings I couldn’t find anything related to that…

It’s probably a hardware setting. Do you have dedicated options for your graphics card? Sorry, I’m Windows illiterate.

That’s OK, thanks for trying to help. There is nothing in my Intel Graphics Command center. And nothing in windows system settings that I can find…

I think its either something in windows OR GP itself. The fact that in the windows CPU I’m not seeing much of a difference, mostly only within GP, makes me think something in GP. I made a new blank gig and didn’t matter which plugin I put in there (literally only 1 or 2 plugins), the CPU would always go up on battery. Very odd!

What happened when you just created a new gig file and didn’t insert any plugins?

With no plugin, no detectable CPU (zero) on either AC or battery.
One plugin, few percent CPU on AC, few more on battery. I tried many reputable big name commercial plugins like Arturia or IK multimedia Sampletank, Toontracks, Positive Grid etc. Didn’t matter…

Two plugins slightly more CPU on AC, and proportionately increased on battery.

So the more plugins I put in of course the more CPU is increased and the difference between AC power and battery becomes more and more detectable.

Have you read/optimized your PC using our free how to optimize your PC e-Book? Maybe there are some settings there that would make tings equal under battery vs. ac power

Yes @djogon, I stated in the original post that i have done that. What does it mean that in Windows Task Manager, the CPU is measuring low and doesn’t really change when unplugging, but in GP it nearly doubles? Is it because GP is only measuring a single core?

I would immediately suspect you didn’t succeed to do it right, elsewhere you shouldn’t have any difference. If your CPU reduces its frequency in a power safe mode, it would explain your issue. It is like suddenly having a less powerful CPU, which I guess should result in that the processing power necessary for GP would be, relatively to the overall CPU power, more important.

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Did you tweak the bios too?
Maybe I am wrong but could some bios settings override Windows settings ?
Regarding my computer, I particularly have in mind thermal management, C-state control, Intel speed shift and step technology and Intel boost technology…

I agree, this makes total sense. I’ve retraced most of those setup steps and cannot find a culprit so far. However, my question before, why is it that in Window’s task manager, the CPU is measuring low and doesn’t really change when unplugging, but in GP it nearly doubles? Is it because GP is only measuring a single core?

Good call, and I did have a Bios update, but I just double checked and there is nothing in my settings related to battery or CPU, except whether to charge via USB when shut down. The only thing was about integrated graphics controller was on “auto”. I changed it the “forceable” or “enforcing” (or something strange like that). But it didn’t make any difference.

While this is of course interesting to understand, it should be said that under no circumstances should one actually play a live gig without their computer being plugged in!


Of course, but think of the cases where the stage power could be cut off by mistake or accident… What I have already seen. The battery is a great advantage on a PC tower, unless you have an inverter :wink: