GP CPU jumps on battery

Then the entire band is screwed. Are you suggesting that the power could go off on stage and only a single laptop will be impacted?

No, I have seen a musician wanting to make the fool and walking on his power strip switch, another one having a shortcircuit in the multiplug, a technician tripping over the power cable, a standing projector falling onto a power supply, and some others like these.
I have been stage manager for 25 years and I have been through a lot, but I will not name names :joy:

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Ironically, today, windows update showed a firmware update to my laptop. I updated it, it said it successfully updated to version 1.28. When I go to my BIOS, it says it is version 1.11. Isn’t firmware and BIOS the same?

UPDATE: I guess one is system firmware and the other is device firmware.

Was the bios quoted in the text? If not, it may be a hdd, ssd or optical disc drive firmware, or even bios of a graphics card.
Maybe this update solved the problem, who knows ?

In my device manager under firmware I see device firmware and system firmware. It is the system firmware showing the 1.28 updated version. Unfortunately no chance in behavior. What a mystery!

I don’t know if you have solved the issue yet or not, but I believe this will be related to the selected plan in the Power Options within the Windows Control Panel (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options). If you are running using the “Balanced” power plan, then when AC power is removed, the Balanced plan throttles back the CPU to extend battery life. This is why the CPU usage increases in GP as there is less CPU power available to it. You should swap the Power Plan to “High Performance” as this will keep maximum CPU power available even when on battery (if that is the desired effect).

No i haven’t solved it yet. What you’re saying makes sense, but as I mentioned earlier, I followed the guide to run windows optimized for GP. I have even gone back and rechecked my steps and everything is set ok.

The guide actually utilizes an ultimate performance mode, which is actually even more aggressive than the regular Windows performance setting. So unfortunately I’m way passed that and still, due hidden something somewhere it’s still acting differently on battery.

Have you tried the same thing using some other DAW?

What’s the make/model of your laptop?
Seems to me there is some behind the scenes core parking going on once you switch to battery. That would certainly explain why your CPU jumps so high immediately.

You can try running this Core Unparking app. At the very least, it’ll tell you if any cores are parked when you’re on battery power. If some of those cores are parked, then you can unpark them and see how that affects your GP performance.


It’s Lenovo yoga 2-in-1. I’m away from my laptop at the moment but I’ll check that out. Makes sense!

I haven’t, but I will.

This is the strangest Lenovo battery issue so far.
They have lots of policies that “intelligently” try to make things work better.

Usually people complain for things such as this one.

Or they want to disable “intelligent” brightness (Lenovo analyses your background and then automatically sets the brightness).

Please check if you have any Lenovo Utilities and carefully review their settings as they may override the Windows conterparts.

Funny things may happen with different “intelligent” solutions.


I also have Lenovo Yoga (not two in one) and I had it crippled down to the very basic services and apps. Windows Updates and Antivirus as completely disabled. Smart Screen is turned off (as well as any “smart” feature). It works very fast, thunder-like, and I often use Gig Performer on battery power, without any issues).

Thanks for the app. Nothing was parked. 100% unparked.

I noticed a spike on battery when using Presonus Studio One as well. Not as much of a spike, but I think that’s due to that file not having as many plugins to begin with. Nevertheless, there was a spike.

I stopped any and all Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Vantage background or processes. no difference.

What should this be on? Programs or background services?

It’s important to review their settings (in general, all settings), because simply stopping them won’t do the trick.

Please test it :slight_smile:
According to my tests with Gig Performer, this setting doesn’t matter, I got the same results. But feel free to to test it, maybe you might get different results.

Lenovo utility(in my case) did not have an interface. It just runs in the background to provide different keyboard shortcuts. Vantage was for maintenance and upgrades. I uninstalled both actually. The demon lives on. Behavior it’s still the same. Might be some hidden bios setting, but i can’t get to it. I’ve read some people can get to the hidden advanced settings, but none of the hacks worked for me. Unbelievable! Lol