[gig] Various Amp Model Rack Panels

In this gig file find some great panels for the various amp sims.

These are literally just panels so you will need to hook them up to your amp sim of choice but even if you don’t have the sim I used, the overall designs look really good and could be very easily adapted to most amp sims out there.

The panels are:

  • S-Gear - The Stealer
  • S-Gear - The Jackal
  • S-Gear - Custom 57
  • S-Gear - The Wayfarer
  • S-Gear - The Duke
  • Kuassa - Clarent
  • Kuassa - Matchlock
  • Nembrini - Voice DC30
  • Nembrini - HiVolt 103
  • Mixwave - Benson Chimera

Download: Amp Panels.gig (3.0 MB)

Credits: @speed12

Discussion thread: LINK