Various Amp Model Rack Panels

Have had some fun recently creating rack panels for the amp sims I own and thought I’d post them in case anyone else wanted to use them. These are literally just panels so you will need to hook them up to your amp sim of choice but even if you don’t have the sim I used, the overall designs I think look really good and could be very easily adapted to most amp sims out there.


The panels are:

S-Gear Stealer

S-Gear Jackal

S-Gear Custom 57

S-Gear Wayfarer

S-Gear The Duke

Kuassa Clarent

Kuassa Matchlock (this panel isn’t so great, but does the job (and the amp-sim is great!))

Nembrini Voice DC30

Nembrini HiVolt 103

Mixwave Benson Chimera

All the panels are in a single gig file.

Have fun!
Amp Panels.gig (3.0 MB)


This is awesome- thanks for sharing

I love your Benson one! A nice benefit to being able to customise the font colour in GP4.5 :+1:

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Thanks. Very nice panels.

Yeah, these are great! Thank you.

I created a new thread here: [gig] Various Amp Model Rack Panels

The only difference is that for that thread I removed the missing WAV file from the Audio File Player.


Ah yes, had forgotten that was in there!

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Thanks for the Rack Panels, great work.