[Gig] Trigger widgets with note events

This rackspace was specifically designed to solve a problem where a MIDI controller with 16 pads had to be used to trigger sounds from a drum plugin, and to visually show what pad was actually hit.

So the goal for the rackspace panel was to show 16 pad widgets which should be lit when the according note was played (and turn dark at a “note off” again).

Unfortunately the pads of this controller were sending out note events only, which made it impossible to MIDI-learn the widgets with notes and make them behave the expected way.

The workaround for this problem had to be solved by using a short GPScript which reacts to Note events and, if the according note is played, switch the corresponding pad-widget ON or OFF.

Discussion thread: LINK

Download: notepads.gig (200.0 KB)

Credits: @schamass