[Gig] Play single (or more) finger triads (chords) with best bass note

In this gig file, a combination of two scriplets are used: the AutoTriads scriptlet (except it doesn’t play the bass notes) and the AddRoot scriptlet, which provides the bass note.


With this cascade of two scriptlets, it is possible to play more complex chords, that still fit the selected key/mode, with an appropriate bass note.

Example: if you play C3 (in C-major, root inversion), the first scriptlet will add E3 and G3 and the second scriptlet will add C1 as the bass note.
If you add A2 while still holding the C3, the two triads A2-C3-E3 and C3-E3-G3 will form an Am7 together and the C1 bass note will now be replaced by an A2. This is convenient because in the original AutoTriads scriptlet, the A0 and C1 would be played at the same time (two triads = two bass notes), which doesn’t sound good at that register.

Download: auto_triads_single_bass_1.4.gig (687.2 KB)

Credits: @SplashChoke (AutoTriads), and @LeeHarvey (AddRoot).

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