Looking for 2 basic MIDI effects

I am trying to switch from Ableton Live because it’s become way too heavy and instable.
What I’m still missing is 2 very simple MIDI effects :

  • one that determines note lenght
  • one that adds relative notes when I hit a key : Ableton Live calls this “chord”, but it doesn’t use pre-determined chords : it adds up to 6 notes (I’d like to have 10), each of it being at a user-defined distance (in semi-tones) ; for example one note is added 3 semitones higher, then another one 7 semitones higher, plus another one 12 semitones higher and another one 15 semitones higher etc … ; so I can trigger any type of chord this way

Any suggestion for 2 super-basic plugins ? Everything I found on the net is soooo complicated and sophisticated and power-hungry …
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Pierre and welcome to GP Community!

(Not 100% sure I understand but…here goes)

GP user @David-san has kindly shared this gig file containing a scriptlet that indeed can control the length of notes.

Lots on offer here:

More to the point:


Also, check the Gig Performer’s built-in templates under “Cool Stuff”, the first template.

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Hi @Pierre, welcome to the GP community.

As @keyman mentioned, this is not clear. What is supposed to determine this note length? For what to do? Are you considering one note, or every played notes? It is sometimes better to expose your use case rather then trying to transpose an Ableton Live concept out of its context. What do you want to achieve?

Regarding your second point, @keyman proposed you a clever version of how we can generate chords with Scriptlets, which are plugins implemented using the GP built-in scripting language. We could also imagine a less clever algorithms which would do exactly what you describe. But what you describe can also be achieved without use of scripting by duplicating MIDI in blocks (one per additional note), transposing them individually and connecting them to your instrument plugin.

Have fun with GP :wink:


Hi Pierre, welcome to the family!
I liked the idea of simply having notes added to a single played note, so i took the fun ride to write a little “Scriptlet” which does this trick (a scriplet is some kind of a user-defined plugin block)… there is only one caveat:
It might produce hanging notes when you play and adjust the transose at the same time (it’s quick & dirty and i didn’t check for a possible lack of NOTE OFF messages). Maybe this can be somehow “refined”…
But as long as you don’t do this, it should work fine.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

NoteAdder_Scriptlet.gig (273.1 KB)



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WOW ! Huge thanks to you all for such quick responses. This is a very warm welcome.

As for the note lenght thing, the idea is to apply a long sustain on some part of the keyboard only. In Ableton Live, they call this “midi effect = note lenght”.

As for the “one finger super-chord”, I’ll take your idea of wiring multiple keyboards to the instrument, transposing each of them separately, that’s very smart. And thanks Erik for your script, I’m too much of a beginner to decipher it, but I’ll come back to this some day, once I’ve gone through the intermediate steps.

Again, many thanks to all of you :slight_smile:
Best regards,


Then the Notes Lengthener Scriptlet suggested by @keyman could do the job as it lengthen the note when you releases it. If you want to apply it to only a specific part of you controller keyboard, simply uses a MIDI in block and adapt the MIN/MAX split range to your needs.

Have a nice switch to GP! :wink:

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Ohh I had great fun with it the day you posted :wink:

I am wondering if other users are not using the Scriptlets I provided more than myself… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: