Gig performer routing

Hello everyone. Just trying to find a solution to an issue im having. Im running my gig performer through a Midas m32c and using the Dl32 stagebox. Im running everything into Reaper for possible live recording. Issue im having is that im only receiving signal into my reaper from anything plugged plugged into the physical inputs on the stagebox. Im running superior drummer 3 through the midi input in gig performer which is obviously not going through any physical inputs but i am not receiving any signal in Reaper going this route. In order for me to receive signal from superior drummer into Reaper, is to run superior drummer through a separate interface and back into the physical inputs. Is there a way to fix this so i would not need to use a separate interface for this? I would like to use my superior drummer inside gig performer to make it more simple setup. Maybe i am not routing something correctly?

First of all, why are you running everything into Reaper for “possible live recording” - why don’t you just use Gig Performer’s built-in recorder?

Are you on Windows? If so, it may be that the driver you’re using doesn’t support multiple simultaneous audio clients so whichever app gets the interface first wins. If that’s what is happening, then you’ll have to use a 3rd party virtual cable driver to support multiple clients.


Thanks for the reply. Im running windows 10. Reason why im not running the internal recorder on gig performer is because i will need to transfer all the files into Reaper. Thats an extra step when i can record directly into Reaper for instant playback. I understand the fight between the interface issue but im using the superior drummer inside gig performer so it is using my mixers user interface like everything else going through the physical channels. Signal in superior drummer is coming out my main PA system and going out the card on the mixer. Not sure why if thats the case, it wouldn’t be translating into Reaper just like the rest of the outputs on the physical channels. Only difference is that superior drummer is on a midi input in gig performer

Im trying to run superior drummer as separate inputs as if you were micing a standard drumkit. It works fine for that but with no signal into Reaper like the rest of the inputs into the mixer.

I don’t know about Reaper but in the DAWs that I’ve tried, it was simply a matter of dragging all the files in one go into the DAW, not really much of an effort

Sorry but from what you describe, this sounds exactly like a problem with the interface being available to only one client, in this case to Gig Performer, which is why Superior Drummer works.

I know, but its just one extra step where i wouldn’t need to stop what im doing, transfer the files into the daw. I know it doesn’t take much time but still doesn’t seem as productive like when i record a track directly into Reaper say with my guitar or vocsls and just be able to replay it at an instance. Like i was saying though, my gig performer is using my m32 mixer as the audio interface in which my superior drummer is running through the gig performer using same driver ofcourse. If i was using superior drummer as standalone, there would be a driver conflict but thats not the case. Also, i could run my superior drummer straight into my Reaper with no problem but then the Reaper would be using my Roland td-27 module for my e drums as the interface and in return not able to use the mixer driver so would be a conflict there. It just makes no sense to me that im getting every signal in and out of the mixer even with superior drummer with gig performer but its not translated out of the mixer into Reaper for superior drummer. Only thing i could guess is that is has something to do with midi and the way the signal path is going through the mixer with gig performer :person_shrugging:. I hate it when i always want to complicate things haha.

No, it is not using the same driver. If Superior Drummer is a plugin inside a gig file, then it is not using a driver at all. Its audio is being passed to the audio interface via GP which is managing the audio interface. So that doesn’t demonstrate multiclient support at all.

But I don’t understand your topology. Assuming your audio interface does support multiple clients, how exactly are you routing the output of Gig Performer into Reaper? Looking at your diagram, you’re sending audio from GP (including presumably superior drummer) to the output of your audio interface but that is not magically going to go to the audio inputs of Reaper (or any other DAW)

You are going to have to arrange for your mixer to route the audio being sent back to it to the inputs of Reaper. And if you’re doing that but it’s not working, then your audio interface does not support multiple clients.

As far as I understood your problem is, that you need a loopback interface to feed the GP output to Reaper (or any other DAW)?!

One solution you have already worked out. Send GP to an interface and physically wire it back a free input of your DI32.

The other option is a virtual loopback interface (= a piece of software)

Are you on macOS or Windows?

On macOS you could use Loopback or Blackhole. However there may be trade-offs regarding latency.
One more option dhj already sketched: use the internal GP recorder and import all channel recordings to your DAW after the show.

The loopback way was not working for me, so I am currently using the USB recording function of my mixing console and import the files after a gig/rehearsal into my DAW (logic)

If you want Reaper recording from physical inputs of your audio interface and also the output that comes from Gig Performer, then you might consider using ReaRoute. Reaper will control the audio interface: all other DAWs and live performance hosts (in your case: Gig Performer) ought to use the ReaRoute asio driver. In Reaper you can use ReaRoute channels as an input and also as an output.

It is important to start Reaper before Gig Performer, otherwise the ReaRoute asio driver will give an error to GP.

BTW: This is for Windows

@Graham-1011 is using Windows 10

Assuming your audio interface does support multiple clients, how exactly are you routing the output of Gig Performer into Reaper?

Reaper inputs are routed to accept the m32 outputs. Thats what i don’t understand is that the signal from superior drummer is going through the outputs of gig performer and then out to my PA system through my mixer so everything is flowing through but unable to see signal in Reaper. I see every other signal that’s going through the physical inputs of my mixer in Reaper

Tonight I will make a few screenshots with some explanation. :grinning:

Thanks :+1:

Maybe im not seeing this correctly. Maybe its that gig performer is bypassed somewhere in the routing and Reaper is only seeing the inputs of my actual mixer because its using the asio driver for my mixer?

Ive been running my superior drummer into my UAD x8p, using all 8 channels and back into my midas stagebox. Its working fine. I do wish i had a few more channels for drums. I hate it when they only give you 8 but i guess theres a reason for that $ lol. I like running it in gig performer because my midas has 32 channels. Plus it never shuts down in gig performer. When i use superior drummer through my UAD it goes offline sometimes and i have to refresh it. Thats not good for live use :confused:

  1. Install ReaRoute. When you run the reaperxxx_x64-install.exe you can find it in ‘Optional functionality’:


  1. Start Reaper and assign your Audio interface to Reaper:

  2. Start a new project and add a track. When you right-click the input selector, you can assign ReaRoute channels to the track to use as an input:

  1. Arm the track:


  1. Start Gig Performer, and go to Options → Audio I/O. Set the ‘Audio device type’ to ASIO and open the dropdown box next to ‘Device’. Here you’ll find ‘ReaRoute ASIO (x64)’. Select that:


  1. This results in:

  2. You cannot change the Audio buffer size or the Sample rate. These boxes only reflect the settings you made in Reaper for the physical audio interface. Click ‘Apply Settings’

  3. At this point, you can add an Virtual instrument in GP, attach it to the Audio Out and the MIDI in, and the output will go to Reaper. Of course, when you’re not recording you will have to set the record monitor mode for the track to ON.

Whether this is going to work for you, depends on how much latency you can bear.

You can also route audio from a Reaper to track to GP, but every hop adds latency, so Guitar → Reaper → GP → Reaper → Speakers will cost 4 times the latency. So at 44.1KHz, 256 samples that is 5.8 ms * 4 = 24.0 ms. If you ‘only’ need to host VST instruments in GP and control these with MIDI, then the total latency is 5.8 ms * 2 = 12 ms. Maybe that’s endurable (or not).

So don’t expect miracles, but maybe you’re in luck :sunny:


You might also checkout Blue Cat’s Connector.

That’s not free, but if that works better, you save frustration

Assuming your audio interface is multi-client ready, you still have the problem that what you send PC->USB->m32c is not going to be automatically echoed back m32c->USB->PC.

So what GP sends out to the m32c will not automatically be visible to Reaper, even if they’re both using the interface at the same time in a multiclient situation.

Another way to look at is that what’s carried over that USB connection are two completely separate audio busses. There is an output bus (PC → m32c) and an input bus (m32c → PC). If you want GP’s output to be visible/audible to Reaper then you have to configure the mixer to feed those superior drummer tracks back into USB input bus.

How to set that up (if it’s possible) will be very specific to how the m32c routes signals internally and what software you use to configure it. I looked very briefly at the documentation for it, but I didn’t see a routing diagram that included anything useful about routing USB audio. I didn’t look that hard, though.

If you aren’t using any vst’s between SD-outputs and audio outputs as seen in your screenshot, wouldn’t it be easier to record just the midi file to reaper (or even load up the original midifile there) and setup a “copy” of Superior Drummer directly in Reaper as VST?

You can still use the multiple outputs then and you will save lots of diskspace not recording every output as audiofile.