GIG Performer on 2 Computers in same time?

Hello, is it possible to use Gig Performer on 2 computers ( 1 Mac & 1 PC ) or ( 2 Mac ) or ( 2 PC ) or 3 computers ?
With Dante Via RJ45? Is it possible to have 2 Gig Performer sessions working together? If yes, how? Thank you very much.

At least Gigperformer sessions on different computers can communicate using OSC.

With regards to audio: Gigperformer uses the available audio interfaces (for example ASIO, or wasapi (windows)). If a particular interface (in your case DANTE) is capable of routing audio between computer, then Gigperformer can/will use/follow that, but GP doesn’t explicitly route audio between computers.

My two cents

Define “working together”

A license for GP Windows let’s you run GP on up to three Windows machines at the same time. Similarly a license for GP Mac lets you run on up to three Macs simultaneously so if you have a bundle license you’re fine as far as running in multiple machines.

But what you actually do with them is a whole different question

Simply use multiple instances: [blog] How to use multiple instances in Gig Performer 4

(this is on one computer)

On two computers, you can synchronize their tempos with Link and via OSC.

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