Gig Performer & Melo midi comander?

I wanted to know if anyone has used the “melo midi comander” controller with gig performer ??.
If this is how they configured it, I am about to buy one but I see it can be used with biass, helix and other platforms but I wanted to know if it could be configured the same with the Gig Performer using vst alone, for example to use with the vst of neural dsp such like parallax and darkglass … thanks for the help.

It was mentioned here (with issues)

Yes, as the creator of that thread, I can confirm that A) the MIDI commander works with Gig Performer and B) there’s an issue with PC switching on that board. If you’re on PC0 and switch to a different bank, it outputs PC0 each time you press Bank Up/Down. This can have an effect on the sound, especially if you’ve done some changes to the rackspace you were on before changing to a different bank, since it then resets the rackspace (at least in my case, where I have many widgets resetting themselves to the saved value).

The solution provided in that thread is a smart, but cumbersome way to get around this issue.
The MIDI commander is a great device, so it’s difficult to recommend something else instead, so just know that this can be a bad experience and you should at least consider getting a different device. And make sure to read up on any bugs that device might have.

Also, I’m using a lot of NeuralDSP-plugins and they all support the MIDI commander. However, in my case, as soon as one application takes control of the MIDI commander, it no longer functions in a different application. So running GigPerformer4, it works, but if I decide to start a different application on the side, that won’t have access to the MIDI commander as long as GigPerformer is running. There might be a workaround to this, I just haven’t been able to fix this.

I just have all NeuralDSP-plugins loaded into my Gig-file. I also combine several of them using Global Rackspace. My sound is fed through the octavator from Archetype Gojira, then into a Wahwah from Guitar Rig, after which the sound is sent to the normal rackspaces for the meat of the NeuralDSP’s, before finally being sent back to the Global Rackspace for FX. Everything is controlled with the MIDI commander and a Moog expression pedal.

Yep, the MIDI commander works with any of these plugins and GigPerformer, although it has an annoying bug when doing bank switching that can effect your sound.

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